How can I learn more about gender studies?

How can I learn more about gender studies?


You can specialise by taking a major in gender studies, or you can take some gender studies units as electives. Alternatively, you can take a major or minor in gender studies alongside a major or minor in another discipline, such as sociology or English.

This approach (a double major, or a combination of majors and minors) can create a program of study that is both broad and engaging, because gender studies makes an excellent complement to study in other disciplines, in addition to the discoveries to be made through interdisciplinary study within gender studies itself.


As a postgraduate research student, you have several options to furthering your knowledge of gender studies. We offer three postgraduate research degree programs: the Master of Research (MRes), the Master of Philosophy (MPhil), and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). These programs focusing on gender studies are run by the Department of Sociology.

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