Society, history and languages

Let your studies take you into a world beyond academia. Macquarie offers an exciting range of courses on Ancient Greece, Rome, the Near East and Egypt, and our professionally accredited Bachelor of Planning is the Sydney region’s first such degree with a strong social and environmental focus.

Our world-leading linguistics department will help you make a difference in people’s lives. We also offer the widest range of European languages in New South Wales, along with comprehensive Asian language options.

You’ll see the bigger picture with our world-class courses in politics, history, cultural studies, philosophy, sociology, geography, planning, English, international studies, anthropology, Indigenous studies, translating and interpreting, or languages.

  • Ancient history

    With a broad and rich understanding of ancient times, we can better understand who we are today and where we are going in the future.

  • Anthropology

    Anthropology is the comparative study of societies and human diversity. It asks interpretative questions about behaviour, meaning and value between different societies and cultures.

  • Community services

    Community services

    With a greater focus on support for the vulnerable and disadvantaged – as well as an ageing population – community and health services is the fastest-growing job sector in Australia.

  • Cultural studies

    From art to the iPod, graffiti to multimedia, all our cultural practices reveal how we make meaning, how we organise our social and political relationships and how we identify ourselves.

  • Development studies and culture change

    Since World War II, the aim of development has been to ensure that developing nations take their place in the global community and have an equal voice.

  • English literature

    The study of English literature provides the opportunity to acquire skills in communication, evaluation, flexibility and independence of judgement – skills that are essential for many careers.

  • Gender studies

    With an increasing number of female leaders reshaping the global business and political landscape, and growing attention in society to gender-related issues including body image, same sex marriage, domestic violence and the rise of female breadwinners, gender studies offer insight into a range of important social issues.

  • Geography

    Geographers strive to understand how the Earth works, as well as how humans interact with the Earth and with each other at a range of geographical scales.

  • Indigenous studies

    A diverse, interdisciplinary area of study, Indigenous Studies is interested in the everyday social, cultural and political world of Indigenous people in Australia and around the world.

  • International relations

    The study of international relations focuses on the global system. It explores how this system originated and functions today.

  • International studies

    We are truly a global community of citizens, and so the ability to understand and evaluate world issues across the social, cultural, political and economic spectrum is a highly valued skill.

  • Languages

    An understanding of languages is a useful professional skill that can be especially valuable when combined with a wide range of disciplines.

  • Linguistics


    Linguistics is the systematic study of human language, and its uses and applications in human society.

  • Modern history

    Studying modern history gives you a rich perspective on the evolution of today’s complex and rapidly evolving world.

  • Philosophy

    What is the human mind? Do we have free will? What is race and does it matter? Philosophy asks, and seeks answers to, fundamental questions about human life and enquiry.

  • Politics

    Politics is broadly concerned with the way societies are structured and with the distribution of authority, power and influence. It is a means by which collective decisions are reached.

  • Social science

    How can violent crime be reduced and our neighbourhoods made safer? What impact do social inequalities have on opportunities? Questions like these are at the heart of social science – the study of society and the relationships among individuals.

  • Sociology

    We live in an increasingly dynamic world with divisions between rich and poor, citizens and refugees, men and women, East and West – the list is endless. These divisions structure the web of our social relationships, which are what sociologists explore.

  • Translating and interpreting

    Translating and interpreting

    Translators and interpreters bridge the gap between cultures, fostering open communication to advance progress.

  • Urban planning

    Our accredited planning programs address a significant gap in planning education in Sydney. The unique focus on both social and environmental dimensions of urban management, along with staff expertise in urban studies, climate change, risk management and sustainability ensures our graduates have a distinctive edge in the marketplace.

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