Professional experience in statistics

Professional experience in statistics

Take your studies overseas with Macquarie University's unique PACE program where you can gain important industry knowledge and experience working with international communities and partners.

Through PACE, statistics students travelled to India to work with NGO Restless Development on their action beyond borders Indo-Nepal initiative. With a goal to develop new processes in consulations and to initiate youth-led research, the team team of students used their theortectical statistic knowledge of quantitative and qualitative tools to draw outcomes from discussions and group-activities. The data collected included the knowledge, attitude and practices around different gender issues, which will help to generate evidence on cross-border issues among young people contributing towards social research fraternity.

“My PACE activity in India was a life-changing experience for me. It taught me to change my perspective about a lot of things, and to really value the opportunities that I have been given. Being in India made me challenge myself in ways that I never would have otherwise. I learnt that social inclusion and ethics are fundamentally important when internationally communicating. I have learnt skills that I most certainly will use for the rest of my life.”– PACE alumna, Jessica Sachse

PACE activities not only prepare you for your future career, they provide experiences that can make a difference in the world. Learn more about the opportunities available through PACE.

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