Professional experience in biomolecular sciences

Professional experience in biomolecular sciences

Add to the world's knowledge and take a lead in important research discoveries alongside academic and industry researchers through Macquarie University's PACE program.

PACE student biology student Justin GalvinJustin Galvin completed his PACE activity at Westmead Children's Hospital where he examined whether type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) and its associated microvascular complications are related to vitamin B12 deficiency. While no association was established, Justin was able to demonstrate that 70 per cent of T1DM individuals with coeliac disease also had folate levels in the lowest quartile. This discovery paves the way for future research in the possible benefits of folate supplements in patients with both T1DM and coeliac disease.

Justin’s research has allowed researchers to explore a topic which has only been touched upon lightly before, and for hospital staff to have a clearer indication of future research paths and questions. Through this experience Justin was able to develop his graduate capabilities of research, problem solving, ethical practice and communication and has since been offered an honours year at the University of Melbourne in the field of TIDM.

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