Professional experience in biology

Professional experience in biology

At Macquarie we understand the importance of hands on experience in the industry of your dreams. Through Macquarie University's PACE program you can gain industry skills and experience well before you graduate.

Through PACE, biology students gained important professional experience working with the sustainability organisation, the Arboretum at Macquarie University, to monitor vertebrate species presence on campus over time to assess changes in species abundance and diversity. Their work was included in the annual sustainability report and, where appropriate, the data was also added to the Atlas of Living Australia.

“I’ve gained experience working with sustainability, a thing that I’ve never done before. This experience has changed my life, because now I’ve decided what I want to do for life: work in this field.” – PACE alumna, Alessandra Pavolin Passolati Ferreira

No matter what you decide to study at Macquarie, PACE has an opportunity available for you. Learn more about the opportunities available through PACE.

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