Professional experience in astronomy and astrophysics

Professional experience in astronomy and astrophysics

Add to the world's knowledge and shine a light on new astronomical discoveries with breakthrough technology.

At Macquarie we believe in learning beyond the lecture hall. Through our unique PACE program, you can gain a unique view and understanding of our galaxy by contributing to astronomical exploration alongside leading researchers at Macquarie and the Australian Astronomical Observatory.

Astronomy students Bronwyn and Jack worked on the Huntsman Telephoto Eye project, alongside researchers from the Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO). Their input to the project played a critical role in the cutting-edge scientific research, which will consequently help to improve public understanding of the research that astronomers undertake.

"This PACE project has actually opened doors to me professionally straight away. I've got a research grant to work on the very same project for five to six weeks." – PACE alumnus, Jack Vidler

Start seeing the world in a new light – and you just might change it. Learn more about the opportunities available through PACE.

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