Mathematics Science

Mathematics Science

The power of mathematics lies in its unique capacity to use the physical world as inspiration for abstract ideas that can be developed and studied through pure thought and deductive reasoning, providing astonishing insight into all aspects of our environment.

At Macquarie you’ll enhance your employment opportunities with a combination of abstract reasoning and quantitative problem-solving skills.

Professional Experience

Make your studies count with Macquarie University's PACE program and gain important professional experience by working on mutually beneficial projects with industry professionals.

Through PACE, students have previously worked alongside leading industry professionals at the CSIRO to develop methods for processing of spectral data in order to discriminate between different substances as part of CSIRO's strategy to develop new optical sensing techniques.

No matter what you decide to study at Macquarie, PACE has an activity for you. Learn more about the opportunities available through PACE.

Our Expertise in Mathematics

The traditional strengths of the Department of Mathematics at Macquarie University include groupings of mathematicians working in analysis, category theory and number theory. The recent appointments of colleagues working in the more applied aspects of the discipline present us with a unique opportunity to enter areas of mathematics not previously offered at Macquarie University, to embrace other areas of strength within the Faculty of Science and Engineering in physics, electronics and computing, and to make the mathematics program more relevant to the needs of other sciences and technology as well as commerce. The new Program on Mathematics and its Applications offers students an enhanced portfolio of subjects in their degree programs, and enables the Department to better train them to work successfully in different aspects of science, technology and commerce.

The Department has expanded and enhanced its existing undergraduate program by including such topics as waves and nonlinear dynamics, important components in any proper treatment of applicable mathematics. The goal is a balanced program of pure and applied mathematics, with emphasis on flexibility and quality, encompassing both theory and application, and covering the three major aspects of modern mathematics – analysis, modelling and computation. The extra topics introduced will also enhance the existing programs such as the Advanced Program in Mathematics and the various joint degree programs with other disciplines in the University.

An important aspect of the new Program on Mathematics and its Applications is the multiple entry levels that are on offer. Depending on their background in high school mathematics, students are directed to one of three entry levels – elementary, mainstream and advanced. This ensures that the overwhelming majority of students will find entry level units that are both realistic and challenging. Very strong students have the opportunities to extend themselves, and the Numeracy Centre offers excellent help to those who need extra guidance.

Scholarships and Prizes

Vacation Scholarships

In the long vacation at the end of each year, we offer a number of Vacation Scholarships to students, for four weeks at $400 per week, tax free. Under this scheme, each student undertakes a small piece of research under the supervision of one of the staff members. This provides the student with the opportunity of experiencing the world of research and also helps the staff to get to know the student better.


Available to 1st**, 2nd and 3rd year students, with good results in Mathematics either at Macquarie or at another University, who intend to continue with and enrol in further Mathematics units in 2016 (for 3rd year students this would mean they would be applying for Mathematics MRes).


  • Scholarship holders will carry out a minor research project under the guidance of a supervisor.
  • Each scholarship is for $400 per week (tax free)
  • Scholarships are for a period of 4 weeks full time within the long vacation. You are expected to meet with your supervisor on a regular basis and actual dates are negotiated between scholarship holder and supervisor.
  • Scholarships are awarded primarily on the basis of exam performance.

Terms and Procedures of the award

Vacation Scholarships: Jan - Feb Each Year

More information and application form.
Return completed applications in person to Christine Hale, AHH 2.615.


Macquarie University Innovation Scholarships and Super Innovation Scholarships

Further details of these prestigious scholarships for students with very high UAI and who have listed Macquarie University as their first preference. For more details, please contact the Academic Program Section, tel: (02) 9850 7339.

Ted O’Keeffe Scholarship

All students proceeding to a degree or diploma of the University in the second year of attendance or beyond are eligible for the Ted O'Keeffe Scholarship. It is awarded on the basis of both academic achievement and contribution to the University and/or Sports Association. For further details contact the Sports Association, tel: (02) 9850 7635.

The Doris Wallent Scholarships in Mathematics

Five scholarships are available to the most meritorious candidates. Preference will be given to female students. The value of each scholarship is $300.

  • One scholarship will be awarded for excellence in mathematics in the Higher School Certificate examinations to a first year student enrolled in the units MATH132 and MATH133.
  • Two scholarships will be awarded for excellence in 100 level mathematics units to students who will be completing 12 credit points in mathematics at 200 level in the year of award.
  • Two scholarships will be awarded for excellence in mathematics units at above 100 level to students who will be completing 15 credit points in mathematics at 300 level in the year of award. One of these two scholarships will be awarded to a student enrolled in a program of study leading to the degree of BA DipEd or BSc DipEd.

For further details, please contact Christine Hale.

The Frederick Chong Mathematics Prize

This is open to all students proceeding to a bachelor degree, and is awarded for proficiency in 200 and/or 300 level Mathematics.

The Alan McIntosh Prize for Analysis

This is open to all students proceeding to a bachelor degree, and is awarded for proficiency in 200 and 300 level analysis units – MATH236,MATH335MATH336 and MATH339.

The Geometry Prize

This is open to all students proceeding to a bachelor degree, and is awarded for proficiency in MATH300.


Australian and Macquarie University Postgraduate Scholarships and Awards

Support is available from various schemes.

Scott Russell Johnson Memorial Research Scholarship

This scholarship is available for doctoral research in category theory.

Postgraduate Support

Applicants with Bachelors degree with First Class Honours, or a Masters degree with a substantial research component, are eligible to apply for a competitive scholarship (APA/MQRES/MUPGRA/RAACE/APAI/iMURS/IPRS). A recipient of such a scholarship who has a superior ranking may be offered a Faculty supplementary scholarship. The duration of the supplementary scholarship is initially one year, and its renewal is determined by the duration of the “main” scholarship to which it is tied.

Further assistance is available from the Macquarie University Postgraduate Research Fund (PGRF) and the Faculty of Science and Engineering Postgraduate Research Fund (Science PGRF). These support specific research projects, and facilitate student participation in conferences, colloquia and seminars such as the Australian Mathematical Society Graduate Summer School Programs.

Additionally there may be support in the form of casual employment as a tutor and marker within the Department of Mathematics and the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

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