Student support

Student support

Student support

We are here to help.

As education experts, we know that tailored support will help you overcome your personal learning obstacles. This is why we have a range of support options that help you adjust to university life, as well as life in Australia if you are an international student.

Because you are a Macquarie University student from day one, you can access specific support services for Diploma, Foundation and Intensive students, as well as the full range of support services available to all Macquarie University students.

Study support

Academic counselling

Access to academic advice is continually available in one-on-one sessions with a staff member, by phone, online learning modules, presentations and much more. Your teachers will also continually monitor your progress and offer any help you might need.

Personalised study plans

Our student advisors take the time to understand your personal study goals and the undergraduate degree you are considering, and then recommend the best study plan for you. We understand your goals may change, so you can meet the advisors and refocus your plan whenever you need to.

Academic language and learning workshops

Workshops are held each term to assist you with study skills, assignment writing, referencing and academic language. You will be helped with preparation for specific assessment tasks through personalised feedback and support.

Exam revision

Each term you will have the opportunity to ask your teachers questions at scheduled exam revision classes a day or two before your exams.

The Learning Skills Unit

The Learning Skills Unit offers free workshops, drop-ins and online resources on academic writing, referencing, exam strategies, and more.

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The Numeracy Centre

The Numeracy Centre helps with developing mathematical knowledge, skills and confidence. This will be particularly helpful if you are studying mathematics, statistics or any other unit that uses numeracy skills.

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Advantage Modules

If you are studying in a Diploma program and are struggling with your maths and/or English skills, your teacher will invite you to enrol in our maths or English Advantage Modules. These modules are at no extra cost and are not credit-bearing, so you can work on your basic skills without pressure. By building your skills in the Advantage Modules, you will have a much better chance of academic success.

Out-of-class support

Student Advisors

As a Diploma, Foundation or Intensive student, you will have access to our dedicated and caring team of advisors who are available every day. If you need advice, help with your studies, or even if you just want to talk through worries or challenging problems, they are here for you every step of the way.

Macquarie University Buddy Program

As soon as you enrol, you can access a Macquarie University buddy. Buddies are current domestic or international students here to help with your transition to Macquarie University. There are many events that happen throughout the semester including airport pick-up, campus tours, sightseeing and local tours and many more. When you finish your program, you will also have the opportunity to become a buddy and help future students – a great addition to your CV.

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Social events

You will be able to attend many exciting social events aimed at helping students meet like-minded friends. We organise a range of events, such as Australian BBQs, guest lectures, pancake breakfasts and celebrations of world culture.


Safe, supportive and fun accommodation makes all the difference to your university experience. The friendly team at Macquarie Accommodation Services can help you find personally suitable housing options, including female-only or male-only accommodation. If you need a temporary place to stay when you first arrive, we can help you with that as well. We will even pick you up from Sydney airport for free.

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Career and employment advice

It is never too early to start thinking about career options. We hold careers fairs on campus several times a year to help you explore your career options, build industry contacts and talk directly to a wide selection of employers. The Career and Employment Service can also help you prepare a résumé, identify career options and the skills necessary for your chosen career, and can connect you with employers and industry bodies.

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Student safety

Your safety is our number one priority. Help points are available across campus with a direct line to our security service, and we offer a free night-time shuttle bus while classes are in session. We take care of you 24 hours a day.

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Health and wellbeing services

Macquarie offers health and wellbeing services – counselling, disability, welfare, advocacy, medical and religious support – that you can access at any time during your studies.

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Sport clubs

If you enjoy fitness or team sports, become a MacWarrior and join one of our social sport competitions or sport clubs. Competitions run each session and include sports such as netball, futsal, basketball and touch football. Our sport clubs also offer a range of competitive and beginner programs in AFL, cheerleading, cricket, dance, fencing, hockey, quidditch, rowing, rugby union, scuba diving, skiing and snowboarding, soccer, squash, table tennis, ultimate frisbee and water polo.

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Social clubs

Macquarie University has over 150 social clubs run by students for students, such as Chinese Students and Scholars Association, Muslim Students Association and the Women in Science and Engineering Association to name a few.

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Technology support

Online language support

As soon as you start your program you will have access to Study Wise, an online tool Macquarie University has designed to help you to manage your studies, strengthen your study techniques, write effective assignments and improve your English language proficiency. You will also get access to Studiosity, an online tutoring and personalised feedback service.

One-stop online system

As you are a Macquarie student from day one, you will use the same online system for your entire Macquarie study experience. That means you only have to learn the Macquarie systems once for all your programs. It may seem like a small thing, but when you’re trying to work quickly it is such a huge advantage.

Free Wifi

Macquarie OneNet WiFi is the easiest, most convenient way for you to connect wirelessly to our campus network and the internet.

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Macquarie University support

Macquarie University also has a wealth of support teams to help you out around campus.

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