Parent advice

Parent advice

Does your son or daughter need a pathway to university?

Waiting for ATAR results is a nail-biting experience for students and parents. Anticipation can turn to disappointment. But don’t despair. There are lots of options and pathways for students to achieve their goal of studying at university.

“Studying for a Diploma of Information Technology through Macquarie University’s pathway college enabled me to show the university what I'm made of, and in turn I was admitted into the second year of the Bachelor of Information Technology the following year.

Francisco Butturini - Diploma of Information Technology, Bachelor of Information Technology

What is the pathway to a degree at Macquarie University?

Macquarie University offers a range of diplomas as an alternative route to a Macquarie University Bachelor degree. If your son or daughter achieves a selection rank of 60 or over, then they are eligible to apply for one of four diploma programs. These diplomas equate to the first year of study at Macquarie, and once successfully completed, students can seamlessly transition to the second year of an undergraduate Macquarie degree, as long as they meet the entry requirements.

“Our class sizes are small, enabling students to build their skills in a nurturing and supportive environment that sets them up for success in their undergraduate study,” says Dr Pamela Humphreys, Director Macquarie University International College

What four diplomas are offered?

In all of the diplomas, you cover the same content as students in the first year of a bachelor degree The difference is that you enjoy much smaller classes, so you get personalised support. You also improve your academic literacy and study skills. You’re taught by faculty lecturers and qualified teachers right on the Macquarie University campus.

  1. In the Diploma of Information Technology, you’ll learn about computer science, database design, programming, digital media, and business systems.
  2. In the Diploma of Engineering, you’ll learn the foundation of electronics, electrical, mechanical and mechatronic engineering, as well as in mathematics, computing, and physics.
  3. In the Diploma of Arts Media and Communication, you’ll develop an understanding of the arts, media and communication, including digital media, media practice and production, as well as critical thinking and modes of communication.
  4. In the Diploma of Commerce you’ll be introduced to the fundamental concepts of accounting, finance, economics, marketing, business statistics and management.

The Diploma programs have five seven-week terms and take approximately nine months to complete.

“Macquarie gave me the freedom to explore my interests and exposed me to interesting new subjects. The College’s learning style and pace pushes you to work hard and take responsibility for your learning, but always supported by staff. This really helped with the transition from high school to university.”

Brianna Lindsay, currently studying Diploma of Accounting, Commerce and Business Administration

Can the Diploma get you into second year of any Bachelor degree at Macquarie University?

The diplomas have been developed to specifically meet Macquarie’s entry requirements. On successful completion of the diploma program, you seamlessly transition into the second year of an undergraduate degree, providing you meet the entry requirements.

Choose your diploma pathway:

  • Diploma of Arts Media and Communications articulates into the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Media and Communications
  • Diploma of Commerce articulates into Bachelor of Actuarial Studies*, Bachelor of Applied Finance, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Professional Accounting
  • Diploma of Engineering articulates into Bachelor of Science (with a specialisation in Mathematics or Physics or Astronomy and Astrophysics) and Bachelor Engineering (Honours) in Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering or Civil Engineering
  • Diploma of Information Technology articulates into Bachelor of Business Analytics, Bachelor of Cyber Security, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Software Engineering, Bachelor of Game Design and Development and Bachelor of Information Technology.

What if you got a selection rank between 50-59?

If your child receives a selection rank between 50 and 59, then they meet the entry requirements for Macquarie’s Standard Foundation Program or Intensive program. The Standard Foundation Program is eight months of study, while the Intensive Program takes four months. Both programs lay the foundation for students to commence in the first year of an undergraduate degree at Macquarie.

Choose from three streams:

  • Arts
  • Business and Commerce
  • Science and Engineering

“The Standard Foundation Program provides a solid foundation and develops students’ academic literacy and study skills to set them up for success in undergraduate study at Macquarie”, says Dr Humphreys

Will you be part of university life?

When you enrol in a Diploma, Intensive or Standard Foundation program, you become a Macquarie University student. Your classes are right on campus and you’ll enjoy the same facilities as all our other students, as well as recently renovated classrooms, focused study spaces and innovative learning areas. You’ll also have your own dedicated student services team and Independent Learning Centre.

“One of the things I most enjoyed about my studies at the College was the multicultural aspect. Throughout my time at Macquarie I was given the opportunity to work with people from vastly different cultures than mine, always with the support and guidance of friendly staff and teachers.

The teaching staff also encouraged me to challenge myself by doing a double degree – a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Information Technology – which is something I wouldn’t otherwise have considered.” -  adds Brianna Lindsay

At the same time, you’ll be immersed in the whole university experience and embraced by a diverse and inclusive community. From your first day on campus, you can access the University’s gym, aquatic centre and library, and the wellbeing support service. For extra academic support, you can also attend a workshop or get some face-to-face or online tutoring at the Learning Skills Unit and Numeracy Centre. You also are invited to join one of 130 student-run clubs and societies, benefit from mentorship and leadership opportunities and attend special campus events.

How do you pay?

If you are a domestic student, all the diplomas are covered by HECS-HELP. This means you can defer payment until after you graduate and reach a particular income threshold - just like any Bachelor program. The Standard Foundation and Intensive Programs are covered by FEE-HELP, but you also can defer payment until after graduation.

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