Diploma of Commerce

Diploma of Commerce

Accounting, Commerce and Business Administration

Study business in small classes to gain entry to the second year of your Macquarie business degree.

The Diploma of Commerce gives you the key skills you need to succeed in your undergraduate degree and your future career in business. You will study the founding principles of marketing, microeconomics, business and statistics, while learning how to research and academically write in the field of your chosen career.

In this program you will:

  • study the same first year undergraduate units as in the faculty
  • transfer directly to the second year of your Macquarie degree
  • receive expert teaching from many of Macquarie’s lecturers
  • study with students from Australia and around the world
  • learn in smaller classes with extra support
  • be involved in experiential learning activities
  • get assistance with improving English language and maths skills

Quick course facts

Units of study

  • seven core units (required) to prepare you with fundamental knowledge in business
  • one elective unit (required) chosen to align with your future degree

Enhancing Skills Modules

During your studies, you will be enrolled into the Enhancing Skills Modules through iLearn to provide you with additional assistance in Mathematics and/or English at no extra cost in order to support your academic success.

Find out more

For more information on program content, visit the Diploma of Commerce course page.

Entry requirements: visit our entry requirements page
Program duration: 9 months
Units per term: 2 units (see our accelerated learning model)
Enrolment guide:
Diploma of Commerce enrolment guide
Diploma of Commerce enrolment guide (only for students articulating into Bachelor of Actuarial Studies)
Term duration: 5 terms, 7 weeks each term - it is possible to complete your diploma in 4 terms if you don't require the additional support of the Advantage Modules.
Term dates: visit our term dates page
Course fees: visit the Diploma of Commerce course page
International scholarships: visit our scholarships page


Bachelor of Economics
Bachelor of Actuarial Studies                   
  • students must take WMAT1010 as their elective unit. Students must also achieve a GPA of 6.0 or a WAM of 75, a Distinction in WSTA1250, a Distinction in WACT1001, and a Credit in WMAT1010. (Full credit does not transfer to this degree and it will take up to 3 years to complete the articulation from the diploma).
Bachelor of Applied Finance
  • students must achieve a GPA of 5.0 or a WAM of 65.
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Economics
Bachelor of Professional Accounting

For the full list of available degrees and double degrees you can join in second year, visit our course page.

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