Our accelerated learning model

Our accelerated learning model

We have a unique course delivery model that is designed to facilitate an optimal learning environment.

In most other programs, students must study four subjects at the same time for 12 or 13 weeks. We know this can be challenging and research shows that students can do better when they focus on fewer subjects at the same time.

In the Diploma, Standard Foundation and Intensive programs, you only study two subjects during each seven-week term, which means you can focus more intensely on effectively learning each subject, and you only need to prepare for two sets of assessments.

Learning and teaching philosophy

We are serious about the success of our students. For this reason, we have developed a learning and teaching philosophy: Engage, Empower, Evolve.

Learning and Teaching Philosophy

Learning and Teaching Philosophy

We ENGAGE students in active learning and critical reflection via our focused delivery model.

We EMPOWER students to become independent learners capable of adapting to new environments.

We EVOLVE through best practice in learning and teaching.

This philosophy is the backbone of our teaching style, curriculum and assessment, and ensures that we prepare you for successful transition to your Macquarie University undergraduate degree.

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