Working holiday makers

Working holiday makers

The ELC is a great option for working holiday makers!

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge Working Holiday Makers can study at the ELC for up to 4 months to improve their English. Improved English will lead to better job opportunities in Australia as well as when returning home. ELC students are able to take advantage of all of Macquarie University's services and facilities; including a state-of-the-art Sport and Aquatic Centre, private teaching hospital, a new multi-million dollar library, social clubs, cafes, restaurants and much more. Macquarie University also has its own train station on campus as well, making journeys to Sydney city of only 30 minutes.

The ELC is also able to organise internships upon request!

Study English with us to get the job you want!

  1. With a higher level of English there will be more job opportunities available to you
  2. With a higher level of English you will also be able to do more enjoyable forms of work
  3. While you are studying we will help you become familiar with Australia and how things work
  4. You have the chance to make new friends from all over the world

Working Holiday Visa Program

The Working Holiday Visa program is available to passport holders from Belgium, Republic of Cyprus, Estonia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, and Taiwan.

It is also available to passport holders and individuals with university qualifications from Argentina, Bangladesh, Chile, Indonesia, Iran, Thailand, Turkey, and Uruguay. For more information go to

We are a quality English language provider

English Australia Award 2015 

  • Our experienced and knowledgeable teachers develop our curriculum
  • There are different resources available inside and outside the classroom to stimulate and engage students
  • We teach communication in online environments as well as traditional ways of communicating
  • We prepare you for the English vocabulary you will need in your chosen field
  • We help you with your proficiency and accuracy and language in context; this gives you confidence when you know that you are communicating what you intend
  • We teach English using a variety of strategies - for example, through our Music Club (singing in English)
  • ELC is an award-winning centre - our teachers and programs have received external and industry recognition

Begin your holiday and meet Australians with similar interests to you!

  • Students that join student social clubs will enhance their cultural immersion and there are a large variety of interest-based clubs at the University
  • Internships and volunteering experiences can be arranged by request.

Dates and Fees

ELC courses start every 5 weeks. As we are a large language school we are able to offer classes at varying levels of proficiency. We have a class that fits you!

Accommodation Brief Description Neighbours
Option 1: Private Apartments  Share an apartment with other students (tend to be students completing postgraduate courses) Postgraduate and Research students
Option 2: Room and board (food) (Robert Menzies College on campus) On-campus residential complex Undergraduate and Postgraduate students
Option 3: Dunmore Lang College Apartments On-campus residential complex Postgraduate and Research students
Option 4: Macquarie University Village On-campus residential complex Undergraduate students mainly, but some postgraduate students
Option 5: Homestay Live with an Australian family Other family members, may include children

Contact Us for more information.

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