Macquarie's new broadcast facility built for future journalism

Macquarie's new broadcast facility built for future journalism

Macquarie University unveils the Futures Lab, a real-world teaching and broadcast facility purpose built for the new professionally focused programs Master of Creative Media and Master of Future Journalism.

In the Futures Lab opening event, Professor John Simons, former Executive Dean of Faculty of Arts at Macquarie, says the Futures Lab is not just a new space.

"This is an important development for [Macquarie University]. It's not only a new space. It's set up to serve a new academic program that tries to address the perhaps paradoxical situation by which traditional media outlets are actually in some way shrinking while the amount of journalism is actually growing."

"What we're really trying to do here is to address the issues of the employability of advanced journalists in this new situation," Simons added.

The Master of Creative Media and Master of Future Journalism programs address the challenges of contemporary media landscape by preparing students for a career in the rapidly evolving media industry. Students will learn about the new practices and innovation that is happening in digital production and journalism so they are equipped to create their own career pathways. They will have opportunity to network with industry experts, and have access to state-of-the-art creative and performing arts facilities at Macquarie's Y3A media hub.

Associate Professor Mark Evans, former Head of the Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies (MMCCS) at Macquarie, says the Futures Lab represents the most significant investment in online media production to date by an Australian university.

Evans adds, "The Futures Lab is a major online digital media production facility that represents the latest in networked digital media production technologies. This state-of-the-art facility mirrors the platforms and systems in use by major broadcasters and online media outlets internationally."

Some of the high technology equipment installed in the Futures Lab are:

  • AVID ISIS 5500 network media system with 4 x 64TB of high speed storage
  • Avid MediaCentral and Interplay Production, allowing for comprehensive digital workflow management, remote media editing and voice over recording, incoming news feed management, and news scripting from remote laptops and tablets
  • A green screen TV studio with remote controlled cameras and lighting and auto cue
  • Tricaster vision mixer with virtual sets
  • iNews newsroom management system
  • A media server integrated social media delivery system

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