Josh Pyke joins Macquarie University as Artist in Residence

Josh Pyke joins Macquarie University as Artist in Residence

Singer/songwriter Josh Pyke mentored music students as part of Macquarie's Artist in Residence Program. The program is supported by the APRA Music Grants Scheme and provides a focus on the contemporary song and songwriting processes from the singer-songwriter perspective. Josh is an APRA Ambassador.

"The Artist in Residence program is a great opportunity for music students to engage with singer-songwriters, and to discuss creative and industry practices. We are particularly excited this year that Josh Pyke is able to join us in mentoring our students and in discussing a range of musical creativities," explained Dr Diane Hughes, Senior Lecturer in Vocal Studies. "APRA funding enables us to undertake this program and we're very grateful to both Josh and APRA for their respective contributions."

As the 2015 Artist in Residence at Macquarie University, Josh mentored music students through workshops, lectures and individual mentoring sessions on songwriting and independent artist development.

Josh is already an active advocate of upcoming musical talent through his Josh Pyke Partnership that offers an unsigned musician mentorship by Josh and $7,500 in funding to help grow their career and develop a business plan. He says, "Mentorship and passing on experiences in an industry that can often lack structure or leadership is something I'm passionate about. I hope the students will get some insight into being a professional arts worker from someone who's been doing it for over 10 years."

"I mainly want to impart the sense that creativity is different for everyone. It's a subjective experience and there are no rights or wrongs, and sometimes that can seem confronting when you're looking for guidance as to how to progress in a career. I also want to focus on the value of collaboration, and how collaborating with, and respecting creatives from different fields can be the most valuable thing an artist can do."

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