Creative Writing graduate creates waves in Summer Bay

Creative Writing graduate creates waves in Summer Bay

When she was six, Rebecca Greensill saw a double header of The Never Ending Story and The Sesame Street Movie and was captivated by how these two films entertained as well as evoked such strong emotions in the audience. Growing up, she would watch movies like A Few Good Men over and over, finding herself studying the plot lines and dialogues. Her love for films inspired Rebecca to become an actor, writer and director.

Today, with several short films, plays and shows in her portfolio, and as a script editor for Seven's Home and Away, Creative Writing graduate Rebecca is living her dream.

She says, "Being able to watch something you've written being filmed is an incredible experience."

Getting her foot in the door

Rebecca has been with the Seven Network for almost three years now. Starting in various departments, she worked her way up to the script department.

"Once I got my foot in the door, I just did whatever it took to keep it there. I worked as assistant set dresser on All Saints, Underbelly: The Golden Mile, Cops: L.A.C, and in the locations department on Rescue Special Ops and Dance Academy."

For those aspiring to work in television, Rebecca says, "Take any job available at first. Make an impression then take any job going. From there, as long as you keep doing a good job, you can manoeuvre into the position you really want.

"I kept working in art departments until I got to know more people. When working on Home and Away I approached the script producer and asked to be considered for their submission program. After three submissions I was offered a script and a job as script coordinator, then as a storyliner and now script editor."

Master of Creative Writing

Rebecca graduated with a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours) degree from Macquarie University where she also studied Master of Arts in Creative Writing (now called Master of Creative Writing). She believes her postgraduate studies helped her on learning how to give and receive feedback.

"The support and guidance I received at Macquarie was invaluable. Being given feedback from working writers and learning how to make the feedback process work for my writing was instrumental in what I've achieved so far. Whether you're a novelist, screenwriter, playwright or journalist, you always get feedback at some point, and your ability to integrate that feedback whilst retaining your own voice is crucial."

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