Media, creative arts and communication

Macquarie University’s programs are designed to keep you up-to-date with emerging media and industry practices while ensuring you have a strong understanding of traditional mass communication.

In the home of Australia’s first media department, you’ll learn from award-winning experts and have access to industry-standard facilities, including our multi-million-dollar media hub with professional screen, radio and dance studios, as well as state-of-the-art digital workstations for all production areas. Immerse yourself in writing, dance, music, screen production, management, games design or communication, and set yourself up for a career in the new media landscape.

  • Communications

    Studying communication strategies from a diverse array of international perspectives and theories will prepare you for living and working in a globalised and inter-cultural world.

  • Creative writing

    The ability to write well enables your voice to be heard on all of the issues shaping modern society.

  • Dance

    The language of dance speaks to more than just aesthetics. At Macquarie you’ll start the performance of your lifetime, encouraged to generate your own directions and creative possibilities.

  • Film

    The ability to tell a story through film is one that will serve you through a variety of careers.

  • Journalism

    Today’s journalism is virtually unrecognisable from that of even a decade ago.

  • Media

    In today’s ‘always-on’ environment where seemingly everyone wants news and entertainment at their fingertips, the heart of news dissemination is an exciting and powerful place to be.

  • Music

    Who says your passion can’t be your career? At Macquarie you’ll use the latest industry technology to explore various forms of music; hone your musical creativity; and develop your skills in performance, collaboration and production.

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