Law and Media student receives Crown Princess Mary scholarship

Law and Media student receives Crown Princess Mary scholarship

Morgan, who is studying Bachelor of Arts – Media with the degree of Bachelor of Laws, was nominated by Macquarie University for the scholarship. He was recognised for his leadership skills and involvement in a number of voluntary organisations.

In her speech, HRH Crown Princess Mary congratulated Morgan along with fellow recipient, Cameron Hunter: "At your home universities both of you have demonstrated academic skills of outstanding standards. But equally important, both of you appear to have a catching enthusiasm to go beyond textbooks and cease the opportunity to engage in voluntary extracurricular activities."

Morgan is studying International Energy Law and Sustainability, International Sales Law, and Public International Law at the University of Copenhagen as part of the Macquarie exchange program.

"I chose Denmark because it has been voted the happiest nation on Earth and I wanted to find out why. I highly recommend applying for the exchange program because you learn to appreciate not only the new friends you have made from around the world, but also those back home. Macquarie University guided me every step of the way – from subject selection to finances," shared Morgan.

"I was honoured to receive the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship," Morgan says, "and to have met an inspirational lady who makes me proud to be an Australian. It was surreal to listen to the Princess deliver a speech wishing me the best of luck for my future endeavours."

"The scholarship inspires me to never doubt myself, because there are Australians all around the world, like Princess Mary, who were once ordinary but are now using their success to make a positive difference," said Morgan.

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