Law and the media Law, security and intelligence

Law and the media Law, security and intelligence

Media regulation, the value of free speech, defamation, privacy, intellectual property and legal restrictions on media have made media law one of the fastest-growing areas of legal regulation.

At Macquarie you’ll explore the nexus between technology, media and the law as well as its impact on society so you can help shape business and policy decisions in a rewarding career.

Careers in law and the media

  • corporate communications adviser
  • in-house, public or private practice legal practitioner (barrister or solicitor)
  • journalist
  • music legal adviser
  • public policy adviser
  • business development adviser
  • media and technology consultant
  • patent adviser
  • strategic planner


Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Juris Doctor 

The Macquarie LLB and Juris Doctor are accredited with professional bodies regulating the admission of law graduates to legal practice. The Bachelor of Laws and Juris Doctor provides the appropriate qualification for admission to practise as a lawyer throughout Australia.

In addition to completing a law program at an accredited institution such as Macquarie Law School, the profession (via the LPAB - Legal Practitioner's Admission Board) requires all law graduates to complete a period of Practical Legal Training (PLT) including further study (Coursework Component), Continuing Professional Development Units (CPD Component) and supervised experience in a legal practice (Work Experience Component), before being admitted to practice as a barrister or solicitor. This typically takes six months to one year to complete, and usually involves options to study full-time, part-time and online through various institutions.

To be qualified as an Australian Legal Practitioner in New South Wales, a solicitor or barrister also requires a Practising Certificate issued by the Councils of the Law Society of New South Wales or the New South Wales Bar Association respectively. Similar bodies and systems of accreditation exist in the other States.

Professional experience

At Macquarie, learning doesn't just happen in the classroom. With PACE you can gain real-world experience and get ahead in the career queue.

Students interested in Law and Media have the opportunity to choose a PACE unit from a range of disciplines and complete a placement at the intersection of media and technology. Students are able to pursue a PACE activity which is in line with their future career aspirations.

No matter what you decide to study at Macquarie, PACE has an opportunity available for you. Learn more about the opportunities available through PACE.

Student experience

Liam Cavell

Liam Cavell

Bachelor of Media* with a Bachelor of Laws

*renamed Bachelor of Arts – Media

“Macquarie’s teaching of law is innovative. It has a focus on class participation that promotes critical thinking and expression. These skills are critical not only for lawyers, but also to other professions should graduates not pursue law. It also utilises practical teaching methods to encourage students to develop the skills that they will need on day one of practice such as writing case notes, researching the law and interpreting legislation."

"The Macquarie law degree will take you wherever you want to go. It is a testament to the versatility of my degree that I have confidently and capably represented clients across a range of legal matters; from stamp duty to criminal charges. Friends that I studied with work in a range of different industries, and for varied employers such as commercial firms, government departments, unions, courts, criminal firms and pro bono organisations. I look back on my time at Macquarie with great fondness. I met fantastic people, learnt from passionate and dedicated teachers, and gained skills that have helped my career immensely.”

Liam is a solicitor at a top-tier international commercial law firm working on such matters as a coronial inquest, and industrial arbitration involving an airline. He has also provided pro bono legal service to the homeless and young disadvantaged people on behalf of a youth legal centre, and has worked as an Associate to a District Court Judge.

Macquarie University Law Society (MULS) 

The Macquarie University Law Society (MULS) is a representative body for all law students at Macquarie University. The Society operates to enhance the Macquarie Law degree by assisting students in personal and professional development and providing opportunities for students to participate in competitions, publications, socials and sporting events. All law students at Macquarie are members of MULS.

Our expertise in law and the media

Professor Natalie Klein

Professor Natalie Klein 

Dean of Macquarie Law School

Professor Klein holds a doctorate in law from Yale Law School. Prior to joining Macquarie, she worked in the international litigation and arbitration practice of Debevoise & Plimpton LLP, served as counsel to the Government of Eritrea (1998-2002) and was a consultant in the Office of Legal Affairs at the United Nations. She teaches and researches in different areas of international law, with a focus on law of the sea and international dispute settlement.

Associate Professor Carlos Bernal-Pulido

Associate Professor Carlos Bernal-Pulido 

Program Convenor of the Master of Laws

Associate Professor Bernal-Pulido's research interests lie in the fields of constitutional comparative law, jurisprudence, and torts. He has published widely in all these fields in many languages on topics related to constitutional rights, constitutional change, and the intersection between legal theory and social ontology. He teaches Foundations of Law and Jurisprudence in the Bachelor of Laws and the Juris Doctor programs. He supervises PhD and Master of Laws domestic and international students in his fields of expertise.

Associate Professor Niloufer Selvadurai

Associate Professor Niloufer Selvadurai

Associate Professor in Law

Associate Professor Selvadurai is the Program Convenor of the Master of International Trade and Commerce Law. She has taught at Macquarie University since 2004 and was previously the Manager of the Research Unit at the Law Book Company Ltd, and Thomson Legal & Regulatory Ltd. Prior to joining Thomson, she practised as a Solicitor in the Sydney Office of Ashurst. Her research interests are in telecommunications law, technology law, intellectual property law, Internet law and e-commerce.

Macquarie Law School offers more than just a law degree

Macquarie Law School prepares you to think beyond textbooks to open the way to a world of careers. Our industry focused programs and supportive learning environment will give you the valuable skills and knowledge to achieve your career goals.

Watch our video and learn more about Media, Technology and the Law at Macquarie University

Morgan, who is studying Bachelor of Arts – Media with the degree of Bachelor of Laws, was nominated by Macquarie University for the scholarship. He was recognised for his leadership skills and involvement in a number of voluntary organisations.

In her speech, HRH Crown Princess Mary congratulated Morgan along with fellow recipient, Cameron Hunter: "At your home universities both of you have demonstrated academic skills of outstanding standards. But equally important, both of you appear to have a catching enthusiasm to go beyond textbooks and cease the opportunity to engage in voluntary extracurricular activities."

Morgan is studying International Energy Law and Sustainability, International Sales Law, and Public International Law at the University of Copenhagen as part of the Macquarie exchange program.

"I chose Denmark because it has been voted the happiest nation on Earth and I wanted to find out why. I highly recommend applying for the exchange program because you learn to appreciate not only the new friends you have made from around the world, but also those back home. Macquarie University guided me every step of the way – from subject selection to finances," shared Morgan.

"I was honoured to receive the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship," Morgan says, "and to have met an inspirational lady who makes me proud to be an Australian. It was surreal to listen to the Princess deliver a speech wishing me the best of luck for my future endeavours."

"The scholarship inspires me to never doubt myself, because there are Australians all around the world, like Princess Mary, who were once ordinary but are now using their success to make a positive difference," said Morgan.

The Juris Doctor program will develop your understanding of the Australian legal system, including:

Interdisciplinary approach to law

Macquarie Law School has a different approach to teaching law, according to Juris Doctor Program Director Shayne Davenport.

"We see ourselves as different, not only in what we teach but how we teach as well. We are an interdisciplinary law school. We don't just look at the law from inside the law itself. We look at the law from many different aspects."

Students of Juris Doctor will explore the law, discover its origins, assess its effectiveness and consider the need for reform.

Real-world experience is incorporated into the learning as part of this degree through placements with community legal centres or joint research projects with the Law Reform Commission.

Flexible study options

Students have the option to study Juris Doctor either full time or part time, on-campus or by distance. Macquarie Law School offers the only distance education option in New South Wales.

Davenport says, "Macquarie Law School has expertise in teaching law by distance education. We've had distance education courses going for many years and this is one of the strengths of Macquarie Law School. We truly understand the needs and pressures of distance students."

Substantial content will be available online and will be complemented by weekly face-to-face seminars of intensive on-campus sessions. There is also the opportunity to accelerate the rate of completion of this degree through summer session offerings.


The Juris Doctor is accredited with professional bodies regulating the admission of law graduates to legal practice and provides appropriate qualification for admission to practice as a lawyer in NSW*.

Graduates of Juris Doctor can pursue careers as either barristers or solicitors. However, a broad range of rewarding careers are open to Macquarie Law School graduates.

Employment can be found in a wide variety of organisations, including community legal centres, diplomatic service, financial institutions, multinationals, NGO advocacy bodies and public service.

*All Australian graduates are required to complete a period of practical legal training before being admitted as barristers or solicitors.

More information 

Learn more about Juris Doctor from our recent webinar hosted by Shayne Davenport, Juris Doctor program director.

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