Criminology Law, security and intelligence

Criminology Law, security and intelligence

Criminology is the interdisciplinary study of crime, deviance, social control and the legal system.

Taught by a team of international security experts with strong links to industry at Macquarie, you’ll gain understanding of criminology to prepare you for a range of security and intelligence, policymaking, and social and criminal justice careers at a global level.

Careers in criminology 

  • advocate and support officer
  • corrective services officer
  • criminal justice and corrections consultant
  • criminologist
  • cyber safety specialist
  • intelligence and security specialist
  • investigator
  • lawyer
  • local government officer
  • policy adviser and researcher
  • state or federal police officer
  • witness protection program worker

Professional experience

Interested in criminology? Learn what it's like behind the scenes through Macquarie University's PACE program and gain a unique insight into this rapidly evolving sector.

Through PACE, you can take a step into the workplace and put your theoretical knowledge to the test alongside industry partners and mentors. Criminology students are offered the opportunity to work with a range of industry partners in on-campus, local, regional and international environments. This includes internships and placements in a wide range of organisations.

At Macquarie, learning doesn't just happen in the classroom. With PACE you can gain real-world experience and get ahead in the career queue.

No matter what you decide to study at Macquarie, PACE has an opportunity available for you. Learn more about the opportunities available through PACE.

Student experience

Emad Al-hammadin

Master of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism

"I chose Macquarie for my postgraduate studies as it has a good reputation as an outstanding education institution, and because of its unique academic programs across policing, intelligence and counter terrorism that you don’t find elsewhere.
Macquarie’s teaching environment encourages every student to be creative. It has high quality staff who make you feel at home as international students, and help you in every detail of your study."

"What I learnt was priceless in terms of how to analyse and understand terrorism events on a national and international level. The research skills around critical thinking that I have gained are very important to my future as a security expert and international security analyser. Since completing my studies, my career has enhanced and my skills are sharpened."

Emad has worked as a Senior Staff Officer in coordination with the Chief of Staff of the Royal Guards (Jordan).

Our expertise in criminology

Dr James Martin

Senior Lecturer and researcher

Dr James Martin was awarded his PhD in Criminology from Monash University. His doctoral research investigated the role of police and vigilante groups in an informal settlement in Johannesburg. His current area of research focus concerns cryptomarkets and online drug distribution on the encrypted dark net. He is a founding member of the Cryptomarkets Research Hub, a multidisciplinary and international research network focused on the study of online black markets.

See Dr Martin's full profile

Dr Angela Irwin

Dr Angela Irwin


Dr Angela Irwin's research interests are in the areas of criminology, sociology, psychology and information and computer technology (ICT). A current research project involves looking at the use of crypto-currencies for funding violent jihad. In her teaching Dr Irwin focuses on inspiring students to become enthusiastic and motivated learners who actively participate in their own learning by framing the topics in new and exciting ways. She also ensures students develop skills that are valuable to the workplace.

See Dr Irwin's full profile

Study criminology at Macquarie

Criminology at Macquarie is student-focused. You will have a lot of latitude to tailor your program to become exactly the kind of criminologist you want to be.

Watch the video and learn more about what you can study in Criminology at Macquarie.

Professor Schreer previously worked at the Australian Strategic Policing Institute as Senior Analyst for defence strategy. He was also a Senior Lecturer and Deputy Head of the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at ANU.

Before coming to Australia, he held positions as the Deputy Director of the Aspen Institute in Berlin, Research Group Leader at Konstanz University and a Research Fellow at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, SWP) in Berlin.

"I am very excited to be joining Macquarie University and look forward to contributing to its success. It is a privilege to be heading the Department for Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism and to further advance its excellence in security research and teaching," says Professor Schreer.

Professor Schreer specialises in security studies and his primary research interest is Australian and Asian defence development and strategy. He has been widely published on strategic trends in the Asia-Pacific region.

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