Law, security and intelligence

As a pioneer of interdisciplinary law study in Australia, Macquarie University prepares you to look beyond law as a set of rules and procedures. You’ll be challenged to think around problems and provide more innovative solutions – skills highly valued by employers. With the option to combine your law degree with other areas of study, you can open the way to a variety of careers including legal practice, private industry, government, education and community services.

Our criminology study options will give you the tools and knowledge you need for a career in the ever-changing policing, intelligence and security sector. Our security, policing and intelligence units are taught by senior academics and leading industry professionals, allowing you to build professional contacts with experts in Australia and internationally.

  • Commercial law

    Corporate and commercial law focuses on areas such as sustainable corporate governance and financing, competition law, technology and e-commerce law, international trade and finance, and intellectual property law.

  • Criminology

    Criminology is the interdisciplinary study of crime, deviance, social control and the legal system.

  • Environmental law

    Managing the environment has become a key concern of our time, so those who protect it are crucial for a sustainable future.

  • Governance

    Being able to conduct political analysis and generate professional law reform proposals will prepare you for diverse careers in government, industry, community advocacy and international relations.

  • International law

    Various international legal principles, institutions and practices play a key role in shaping and reshaping the contemporary international system.

  • Law and the media

    Media regulation, the value of free speech, defamation, privacy, intellectual property and legal restrictions on media have made media law one of the fastest-growing areas of legal regulation.

  • Policing and intelligence

    Intelligence-led policing aims to enable law enforcement agencies to manage risks and reduce crime in a more effective and cost-efficient manner.

  • Public policy

    Today’s society is challenged on many frontiers – human rights, sustainability, national security, crime, youth justice, public health and biotechnology, to name a few.

  • Security studies

    At no other point in history has our world experienced a set of security challenges to the extent it does today.

  • Social justice

    Eliminating discrimination and promoting equality, justice and fairness are just a few measures that would improve society.

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