Become a speech pathologist

Become a speech pathologist

Become a speech pathologistA speech pathologist is a professional who is qualified to assess and treat communication and swallowing impairments. Typical clients of speech pathologists include: children who have difficulty with speech or language, children with developmental impairments (e.g. autism, cerebral palsy), adults who have suffered brain injuries (e.g. from a stroke), and adults with dementia. Speech pathologists collaborate with clients and their families to determine the nature of communication and swallowing impairments, and devise ways of addressing them.

Where do speech pathologists work?

Speech pathologists work in a variety of health, educational, and community settings. For example, they work in hospitals, community health centres, schools, non-government organisations, and private practices. Speech pathologists are in demand from employers across Australia.

What courses should I study to become a speech pathologist?

At Macquarie, there is a two-step process to becoming a qualified speech pathologist. First, you will need to complete the Bachelor of Speech, Hearing and Language Sciences. This degree takes 3 years to complete, and you will gain a broad and deep understanding of how human communication works. If you achieve at least a credit average in your undergraduate studies, then you can apply for entry to the Master of Speech and Language Pathology. This degree takes 2 years to complete, and you will gain the theoretical knowledge and practical experience required to become a qualified speech pathologist.

Is this a professional accredited course?

Speech Pathology Australia (SPA) is the professional body representing speech pathologists in Australia. In order to practise as a speech pathologist in Australia, you must complete a degree that is accredited by SPA.

Macquarie University's Master of Speech and Language Pathology follows the SPA's Competency Based Standards for speech pathologists and is accredited by SPA. Successful completion of this degree will allow you to work as a speech pathologist in Australia and a number of other countries. Please visit the Speech Pathology Australia website for more information about speech pathology.

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