Psychology related careers

Psychology related careers

Psychology related careersCurious about how people think, act and feel? A psychology degree will help you understand why people behave the way they do and what motivates behaviours and social trends. You will be introduced to psychology and then study cognitive processes, psychological assessment, development and learning.

Psychology related careers in business, human sciences, healthcare, information technology, law and research

The Bachelor of Arts - Psychology provides a firm grounding in practical and theoretical research techniques. It explores the connections between behaviour and mental processes.

The Bachelor of Science - Psychology allows you to pursue your interest in the science and scientific methods that researchers in psychology use to study behaviour.

Graduates gain employment that requires understanding and working with people, including:

  • human resources or training
  • marketing
  • educational institutions as a research assistant, or academic
  • employment in psychology related areas (but not under the title of Psychologist)
  • family or community based organisations
  • government departments and agencies
  • health services organisations

Can a double degree enhance my career prospects?

Combine your interests across two different fields and acquire a broader range of knowledge and skills that employers today are seeking.

The Bachelor of Arts - Psychology (BA) or the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) can be undertaken with the following degrees.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration which equips you with knowledge about how businesses operate as well as understanding of how people within business operate.
  • Bachelor of Commerce which equips you with a comprehensive understanding of commerce and business functions, and a range of fundamental psychological concepts that will help you understand human behaviour.
  • Bachelor of Human Sciences which equips you with an understanding of human psychological process and community services, public health and allied health. 
  • Bachelor of Law which equips you with an understanding of psychology, cognitive processes and psychological assessment, allowing you to specialise in your work as a legal practitioner.

Additionally, the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) enables you to progress towards registration as a psychologist.

How can I register as a psychologist?

In order to pursue a pathway to registration as a psychologist, students in the Bachelor of Arts - Psychology and Bachelor of Science - Psychology need to transfer to the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) program subject to meeting transfer criteria.

Continuation with the honours year is subject to meeting honours admission requirements. Should a student not meet the requirements, they will graduate with the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science - Psychology.

After the fourth year, a further two years postgraduate training or supervised experience is required for registration as a psychologist.

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