Health and medical sciences

Macquarie is the place to be for health. We’re investing heavily in your future through the Macquarie University Hospital and the Australian Hearing Hub. We have established Australia’s first academic health sciences centre, MQ Health, bringing together clinical care, research and teaching to achieve the best outcomes for patients and the community.

You can choose a path in audiology, biomedical engineering, chiropractic science, clinical science, health sciences, medical sciences, medicine, pathology, physiotherapy, psychology, public health, speech and language sciences, or surgery. As a Macquarie graduate, you’ll possess skills that will allow you to help drive innovation and improve the lives of people with various health conditions.

  • Chiropractic


    Chiropractors use non-invasive healthcare methods to help keep our bodies functioning at their best so we can live healthy, active and physically optimum lives.

  • Cognitive and brain sciences

    Cognitive and brain sciences

    Deciphering the operations of the mind and brain is one of the greatest scientific challenges facing human society in the 21st century.

  • Medical science

    Medical professionals are a lot like detectives. As they search for leads, disregard suspects and ultimately solve mysteries, they also have the thrill of knowing that each scientific discovery they make may one day turn into a pioneering real-world medical treatment.

  • Medicine

    The Macquarie MD (Doctor of Medicine) is a new four-year graduate entry program that aims to produce culturally responsive and globally aware medical professionals who are prepared for the future of health care. The Bachelor of Clinical Science is an undergraduate pathway to the Macquarie...

  • Physiotherapy

    Improving lives and contributing to healthier communities is one of the most rewarding things you can do. A career in physiotherapy is exciting and dynamic, and provides an opportunity to make a real difference.

  • Psychology


    Psychologists seek to understand how the mind works and why people behave the way they do. Macquarie’s prestigious programs prepare you for a career in specialist fields such as clinical psychology, clinical neuropsychology or organisational psychology. You’ll be taught by academics who are international experts in their field.

  • Public health

    Public health

    Community and health services is the fastest-growing job sector in Australia due to a greater focus on support for people who are vulnerable and disadvantaged, and an ageing population.

  • Speech and hearing

    Speech and hearing

    Speech, hearing and language professionals have the privilege of bringing the gift of communication to the community – whether that be through helping someone hear for the first time, assisting a stroke patient to speak again, or investigating how children acquire language.

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