Macquarie's Department of Geography and Planning

Macquarie's Department of Geography and Planning

Created in 2015, the Department emphasises understanding of coupled human-nature systems in the context of rapid social, economic, environmental and political change. It adds significantly to the Faculty of Arts' existing strengths in social sciences and humanities.

"Geography's interest in people, place and the processes of change offers exciting opportunities to collaborate across the Faculty of Arts," says Professor Howitt, former Head of the Department of Geography and Planning. "Our concern with urban planning and housing is reflected in our teaching and research. Through Planning and Development Studies we also have strong links already to colleagues in Anthropology, Law, Sociology and Indigenous Studies."

The new department will also continue strong teaching and research collaboration with the sciences and reflects Macquarie's strong commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration.

"Our students and our research collaborators can expect a renewed focus on growing capacity to build just, sustainable and equitable futures for communities at many scales through the programs we offer, the research we do, and our enthusiasm to make a positive difference to those we work with," Professor Howitt added.

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