A fresh perspective on development

A fresh perspective on development

Saeed is a senior manager with Save the Children, an internationally-active non-government organisation promoting children’s rights, and providing relief and support to children in developing countries.

As part of the senior team in Save the Children’s Pakistan office, Saeed works with teams to develop innovative, child-focused programs relating to environment, disaster risk reduction, health, education, child protection, food security and livelihoods.

“In creating the organisation’s strategic and annual plans for Pakistan, I have developed programs worth USD$100 million and mobilised resources from a range of bilateral and multilateral funding agencies,” Saeed notes.

By undertaking a masters degree at Macquarie, Saeed gained invaluable knowledge that he can now apply to help vulnerable populations in his disaster-prone home country.

“The Master of Sustainable Development is tailored to meet the learning needs of experienced professionals who work in development,” he says.

“Macquarie gave me a fresh perspective about social development – I learnt how to challenge the existing situation and to deal with social and environmental issues in an innovative, logical and systemic way.”

After having the “time of his life” in his year at Macquarie, Saeed says he left with a heavy heart.

“I loved each and every moment at Macquarie,” he says. “The green environment, the user-friendly library, the politeness and humbleness of management staff, the efficient transportation system at my door-step, the highly qualified and friendly teaching staff and plenty of opportunities for fun and leisure.

“I would strongly recommend students choose Macquarie as a priority destination for study.

“It’s an institution that provides a great learning environment, where you can get a chance to explore and discover your hidden skills.”

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