Professional experience in sustainability

Professional experience in sustainability

Help support the development of sustainable and economical urban environments alongside Industry partners through Macquarie Univeristy's unique PACE program. Get the skills you need for your future career well before you graduate.

Sustainability student, Chris Patfield, completed his PACE activity with an urban planning organisation, Place Partners. HIs work required him to employ many professional skills including data analysis, marketing research, communication and reporting to help create an urban environment plan that was sustainable, economical, and took environmental and cultural factors into account.

Chris’s contribution to the formulation of evidence-based planning helped him to consider the significant challenges cities may face locally and internationally in the future, and to review the collaborative methodologies that Place Partners use in urban planning. Chris’s PACE activity with Place Partners also helped him to secure a position with the company, where he is now considered an integral part of the team.

No matter what you decide to study at Macquarie, PACE has an activity for you. Learn more about the opportunities available through PACE.

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