What is geomorphology?

What is geomorphology?

  • geomorphology and landscape evolution
  • quaternary environmental change
  • ecosystem response and productivity
  • human impacts on the environment.

In addition, cross-departmental and cross-institutional collaborative research is being undertaken with colleagues in the fields of:

  • biology
  • climate science
  • geochronology
  • earth system science.

Our research also relates to key aspects of environmental management, and collaborative research and student supervision in environmental science and management is carried out with our colleagues.

Research projects

Rivers and wetlands

  • Survival of rivers and wetlands of the Murray-Darling Basin: use of sedimentary archives to determine sensitivity in times of change
  • Avulsion processes in multi-channeled floodplain wetlands
  • Hydrological and geomorphic controls on channel and floodplain productivity
  • Sediment dynamics in semiarid catchments


  • Vertisol development and post-depositional modification
  • Primary productivity in gilgai of varying morphology and hydrological connectivity

For more details, contact Paul Hesse or Tim Ralph in the Department of Environmental Sciences.

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