Environmental science Environment

Environmental science Environment

The program contains significant fieldwork where students apply their knowledge in real environments. We are also committed to work integrated learning and many of our PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) units work closely with industry partners. Our graduates are work-ready and obtain jobs in a range of fields in industry and government.

At Macquarie, you’ll also learn how to regulate and manage human activities to protect the environment for generations to come.

Professional experience

Experience working alongside community and industry partners whilst developing personal and professional skills: Macquarie University’s PACE program.

PACE creates an opportunity for undergraduate students to work with industry partners and researchers in practical real-world scenarios. It allows students to get a taste of professional work and develop essential skills and connections necessary for future research or employment.

Undertaking a PACE unit at Macquarie University bridged the gap between teaching activities and workplace practices. PACE gave me the opportunity to talk to landowners with real environmental problems and discuss management options with local government organisations. The industry relevant research and fieldwork skills I learnt have already been valuable outside of my studies and the data collected is being used by industry. The confidence PACE has given me in undertaking independent and mutually beneficial work with industry and community groups is invaluable.

- Former undergraduate student, Bachelor of Science

The PACE program at Macquarie University provided me with the opportunity to work within a team to design, develop and implement a environmental management research project alongside the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). This experience allowed me to develop my project management skills whilst implementing the technical skills I had learnt throughout my Environmental Science degree, cementing my knowledge and personally challenging myself. It also gave me a taste of how government agencies undertake projects with multiple stakeholders such as community groups, local and state government and it was extremely valuable knowing that the results from the project would be used to inform solutions to a real-life problem

- Former undergraduate student, Bachelor of Environment

Get your foot in the door whilst learning valuable professional skills and participating in industry or community relevant projects. Learn more about your potential opportunities with PACE.

Graduate outcomes 

Hilary Bekmann

Master of Environmental Science

“I have always been an all-rounder and specialising when I finished school was something I struggled with. The good thing about environmental science is that being an all-rounder is a real benefit because you have to be a good communicator, good with numbers and good at science – a jack of all trades – that’s the way I see it!” 

Since completing her masters degree Hilary now works at Macquarie University as the Manager, Operational Sustainability.

Scholarships and prizes

Macquarie University offers a range of scholarships and prizes. Most have a strong emphasis on social inclusion and equity and are awarded on the basis of financial need and/or other hardship. Others recognise factors such as academic excellence or sporting achievement etc. These Scholarships provide opportunities each year to many students to undertake studies at Macquarie University.  Each year Macquarie University awards over $2 million in scholarships. In addition to the University scholarships many faculties also provide scholarships for students.

Comprehensive information on university scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students can be found on the scholarships and prizes page.

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