The business of climate change

The business of climate change

One such expert is Macquarie graduate Manuel Pérez Gómez-Miranda, currently a Senior Consultant for Ernst & Young in Spain. Manuel uses his mix of scientific and business expertise to guide major companies in their environmental practices.

“I work for the Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS) Department and I am focused on carbon strategies and environmental intangibles,” he says. “I supervise a team carrying out projects related to climate change, CO2 emissions, business value creation and environmental intangibles.”

He says his role at Ernst and Young requires sound knowledge of environmental science, but also key business skills and the ability to advise a diverse group of clients.

“As well as project management, there are important commercial activities that I must take care of - meeting with potential clients, looking for new business opportunities and developing new service lines,” he says.

It was this extension of skills that attracted Manuel to the idea of pursuing a conservation biology masters degree in Australia.

“After completing my bachelor degree in biology I wanted to continue with my science studies but it was not challenging enough in itself,” he recalls. “So I decided to add English to the equation to make it a lot more interesting.”

“My masters study at Macquarie not only improved my knowledge in conservation biology but also awoke in me a great interest in climate change and its impacts – something that has influenced my whole career.”

Manuel says he was “amazed” by the quality of teaching he experienced at Macquarie.

“The educational system, and the way classes were developed, were completely different from what I was used to,” Manuel adds. “It really opened my mind.”

“My time at Macquarie improved my English significantly, made me more self-confident and gave me a large network of friends and contacts all over the world."

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