Eureka Prize win for Macquarie scientist Professor Lesley Hughes

Eureka Prize win for Macquarie scientist Professor Lesley Hughes

About the Eureka Awards

The Australian Museum Eureka Prizes are the country’s most comprehensive national science awards. The Eureka Prizes have been rewarding science since 1990—celebrating 25 years in 2014.


Professor Lesley Hughes’ award is recognition for her work in engaging the community in science and changing the way we talk about the science of climate change.

Professor Lesley Hughes of Macquarie University goal has always been to help change sceptical minds about the science of climate change and advance public understanding of this important community challenge.

From over 20 years of researching and communicating the science of climate change, Lesley’s has learned some valuable lessons. That catastrophising is counterproductive for example. Focusing on catastrophic risks can switch people off, and entrench contrary views even deeper.

From a research background - Lesley commenced her research career as an ecologist from a background in zoology, Leslie research interests began to focus in on predicting and then observing the effects of a changing climate on biodiversity and ecological systems. Lesley’s work then evolved into communicating these important findings beyond her scientific peers to the broader community.

Her goal is to translate the science of climate change in all its breadth and complexity to the wider public.

Moving from a climate researcher to public communicator, Lesley found quickly that:

  • Plain English beats complex reports and rigorous statistics (vital in science)
  • Visual props grab attention better than graphs
  • Listening to your audience is crucial so you can address their individual situation
  • A rational, logical argument is insufficient. Understanding why someone believes something is as important as understanding what they believe. Speaking to hearts, as well as to minds.

Lesley’s recent free, online course via Open University Australia explains the science of climate change in straightforward terms for non-scientists. The course even received praise from climate sceptics - for them, what had been lacking was a clear explanation of the science.

“With issues like climate change, the science may be settled, but the debate rages on. For many scientists, this gap between science and public understanding is unfathomable. Lesley Hughes is bridging that gap,” Australian Museum Director and CEO Kim McKay said.

Dr Hughes was appointed commissioner of the independent government advisory Climate Commission in 2011 and became a pro-bono founding councillor of the Climate Council of Australia in 2013. She was a lead author for the UN’s IPCC Fourth and Fifth Assessment Reports.


Lesley Hughes’ introductory video on climate change communication challenges as part of her award category submission


Lesley Hughes’ previous research recognition award – The Jim Piper Award for Excellence in Research Leadership

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