Deferral and Cancellation of Studies

Deferral and Cancellation of Studies

Student deferral

When a student would like to defer their studies at the ELC and resume at a later point in time. Students may apply to defer their studies for a period of one calendar year from the date of original enrolment. No refund will be given but funds may be applied to future studies at the ELC within one year. If the student reaches the English language requirements of their SIBT or Macquarie University course during their deferred period, no refund will be given.

A full refund will be given if an advertised course is cancelled and the student does not agree to a substitute course.

The fee rate payable at the time of new enrolment will apply to students that defer their study.


Full Deferral Policy

Cancellation of Enrolment

When a student would like to cancel their existing enrolment at the ELC and withdraw from their studies permanently. No refund of fees will be given once a course of study has commenced. The ELC will report the cancellation of enrolment to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

ELC may also cancel a student's enrolment if the student's behaviour contravenes the Macquarie University student code of conduct, or for non-payment of fees. Where a student appeals against cancellation of enrolment, in order to enforce ELC's statutory duty of care obligations, or for protection of the Centre's property, ELC may choose to exclude the student from classes during the appeal process.


Full Cancellation Policy

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