Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Macquarie University is committed to providing a fulfilling and and rewarding learning experience that enables all students to achieve their full academic potential.

The ELC students must follow the Macquarie University Student Code of Conduct and the Academic Integrity Policy

The Student Code of Conduct describes your rights and responsibilities as a student. It also explains that all students must take responsibility for maintaining a safe, ethical, peaceful and accepting University environment. The ELC expects students to follow the Macquarie University Student Code of Conduct. Some examples of expected behaviour at the ELC include:

  • Behaving safely
  • Respecting others through speech, manner and actions
  • Respecting that other students have the right to learn and progress
  • Using email, mobile communications and the internet responsibly
  • Following reasonable directions from University representatives

The Academic Integrity Policy expects all students and staff to behave with honesty, respect, trust, and responsibility in their learning, teaching, and research.

The ELC expects students to follow the Macquarie University Academic Integrity Policy. This means that ELC students must:

  • Submit only their own work
  • Acknowledge collaborations with other students
  • Reference ideas that belong to others or have been found from other sources
  • Avoid cheating, dishonest behaviour, or copying work from other students or sources

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