Code of Behaviour

Code of Behaviour

Macquarie University is committed to providing a fulfilling and rewarding learning and research experience that enables students to achieve their full academic potential. All ELC students and staff need to adhere to the Code of Behaviour of Macquarie University.

This commitment is supported by the Student Code of Conduct which enshrines your rights and responsibilities into the cultural and structural framework of the University. It is further supported by the Student Discipline Rules

At the ELC, appropriate behaviour is:

  • Behaving safely
  • Maintaining good attendance
  • Respecting others through speech, manner and actions
  • Attempting to resolve disagreements by talking to the person involved, as soon as possible
  • Ensuring that your behaviour does not hinder the progress of other students
  • Using email, mobile communications and the internet responsibly
  • Participating in all class activities and completing all set work
  • Adhering to any learning contract as agreed with the Student Advisers

The Student Code of Conduct and the Student Misconduct and Discipline Rules describe your rights and responsibilities as a student and explain the expectation that all students must accept their shared responsibility for maintaining a safe, ethical, harmonious and tolerant University environment.

Student Code of Conduct:
Student Discipline Rules:
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