Student testimonial - Mahrina Munir

Student testimonial - Mahrina Munir

Engineering Student Mahrina Munir

Mahrina Munir

Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunications

“I decided on engineering as my career because I’ve always had a knack for maths and physics and a passion for design. Engineering is the perfect career to utilise it all. I chose to study engineering at Macquarie University because I was awarded the Macquarie University International Scholarship – an opportunity I was honoured to have received. It meant I could enjoy student life while striving to meet the challenges of the engineering degree. I decided to specialise in the field of telecommunications engineering because of its rapid growth and new career prospects.

"Engineering at Macquarie has been an invaluable experience. The engineering family is a close knit group where I have felt right at home. The cosy atmosphere encourages expression and creativity. The small student teacher ratio allows us to get individual attention. The vast experience and impressive accomplishments of the faculty members in addition to their support and encouragement creates a fantastic learning environment. After I graduate I want to work on making communication more efficient and affordable and providing world class primary education to children in underdeveloped countries.”

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