Engineering student experience

Engineering student experience

What is the assumed knowledge for Engineering?

Maths 2 Unit or Ext 1, Physics and English

Note: HSC Mathematics (Band 4 or better) is required for entry to MATH135 and PHYS140, two first-year core units in the Engineering program.

For students who have taken HSC Mathematics but have not achieved Band 4, the Stream C vacation bridging course must be taken before enrolment in MATH135 (fees apply).

For students who have taken only General Maths, the Stream B bridging vacation course (fees apply) is usually required to bring students to a level where they can enrol in MATH130 (an elective unit for the Engineering program), which then allows them to enrol in MATH135. However, this is likely to delay completion of the four-year Engineering program.

Contact the Numeracy Centre online for details of bridging courses and other support, or telephone Carolyn Kennett, Director of the Numeracy Centre, on 02-9850 8924.

What ATAR do I need to get into Engineering?

The ATAR for entry to Engineering is expected to be between 80 for single degrees, and about 5 points higher for double degrees (unless the BSc or BCom cut-off is higher).

Students wishing to enrol in engineering can gain up to 5 bonus points credit if they have studied relevant subjects (e.g. advanced maths) in the HSC. Please see the Academic Advantage website for details.

Alternative access schemes are available for some students, such as Special Tertiary Admissions Test and the Jubilee Scheme. Visit the Alternative Pathways page for further details.

Are double degrees available with the Bachelor of Engineering and how do they work?

Double degrees allow students to complete the core requirements of two degrees in 5 years of full-time study.

Double degrees are available that combine any of the Engineering specialisations with either a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics major) or Bachelor of Science (Computer Science major). All specialisations of Engineering will be available as double degrees with the Bachelor of Business Administration.

The higher UAI entry requirement of two components applies for entry to double degrees

Is there a common first year for Engineering at Macquarie University?

The first-year study program for most Engineering specialisations is the same ( with the exception of Software Engineering). Students who are uncertain which Engineering specialisation to take may enrol in any one and then transfer after a year (or in some cases 18 months) without loss of credit, subject to satisfactory performance (meeting transfer requirements). The rules governing transfers are available in the University Handbook. After second year it depends on the programs you transfer from and to as to whether you need to take additional units to satisfy the requirements for the new specialisation (as defined in the relevant study pattern).

Can I study part-time?

Local students may undertake whatever course load they wish; however, international students must be enrolled full-time. For local students, anything less than 9 cp (credit points) per semester is considered part-time.

For international students, generally, anything less than 12 cp per semester is regarded as less than the full load required to finish the degree on time, which will incur visa complications. Please contact a Student Adviser in the International Office for further details

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