Engineering Internships

Engineering Internships

What is an internship?

As part of Engineering’s Degree Program, undergraduate Engineering students may be able to undertake a 16-week industry-based internship project. This will provide students with intensive and valuable work experience that satisfies Engineers Australia’s professional recognition requirements. As this internship project combines both academic and industry supervision, and constitutes the final semester of the degree, students obtain industry experience whilst at the same time gaining credit points towards the completion of their degree. The project is conducted with an industry partner or, alternatively, attached to one of the University’s research groups.

Do I pay any fees whilst on the internship?

Your internship is a full-semester unit within your program of study and as such you are liable for the normal HECS fees.

Can I study whilst on the internship?

Not without special permission, as the internship is considered a full-time study load by itself.

Do I have to find my own job for the internship?

Students will usually apply for internships provided through the Engineering Partnership Program. However, in some circumstances students might nominate an internship themselves subject to approval by the Engineering Program Director or Head of Department. Ideally the internship projects will be sourced from companies which are members of our Industry Partnership program.

What Cadetships are available and how do I apply for them?

Cadetships are offered by a number of companies in various engineering disciplines. These are advertised in the daily and local newspapers, on individual company and career/job search websites.

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