Australian linguistics appeal to Saudi student

Australian linguistics appeal to Saudi student

“Macquarie is a leader in the field of Applied Linguistics, not only in Australia, but also in the world,” says Mahmoud Almahmoud from Saudi Arabia.

As a Linguistics lecturer in his home country, Mahmoud is well qualified to know. Mahmoud has already attained one Master degree and also has a Diploma in Teaching.

Pursuing a Master of Linguistics in Australia offered Mahmoud a number of advantages. “Most students from Saudi Arabia study in the US or the UK. Australia offers a new experience for my university at home.” Mahmoud is a teacher in the prestigious King Saud University in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

Upon arriving in Australia, Mahmoud spent 11 months studying English at the Centre for Macquarie English (CME) before progressing through to his Master degree. Over that period, Mahmoud’s English skills improved greatly until he had the ability to undertake rigorous academic studies in English. “When I arrived I could only understand and say basic things,” he says with near-perfect pronunciation and fluency. “I strongly recommend studying English before you arrive here, so that when you arrive you can improve quickly.”

“Australia is one of the best places for overseas students to study. The mixed culture means that you find different nationalities everywhere and the quality of the education is very high,” says Mahmoud.

“One good aspect of Macquarie is that there are not many Saudis at this institution. This gives all Saudis here a good opportunity to use and practice English constantly as we are surrounded by English speakers,” say Mahmoud.

While there are not many Saudis at Macquarie, a strong sense of community exists among those that are here. “The Saudi Students Community at Macquarie organise meetings regularly. We have discussions, socialise and attend public lectures by prominent Saudi leaders – it’s the perfect way to share our experiences and take a break from studying,” says Mahmoud.

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