Become a special education teacher

Become a special education teacher

Become a special education teacherPassionate about supporting people with special needs? Develop your skills and expertise in special education, with an appreciation for the dignity and rights of all people to learn.

What does a special education teacher do?

A special education teacher focuses on the learning and behaviour difficulties of children and adults with special needs and disabilities. They implement evidence-based teaching skills and strategies to help maximise learning outcomes for their students.

Who are the students?

Children and adults with special needs in all learning settings, including regular and special schools, preschools, early intervention centres, and residential and vocational programs.

Where do special education teachers work?

Special education teachers may work in both regular and special schools, as well as in roles such as learning support teachers. Opportunities also exist in diverse fields such as disability services, post-school employment support, respite care and early intervention.

Career pathway and courses for Special Education teachers

Macquarie University Special Education Centre (MUSEC) is an internationally recognised centre for research and teaching in special education.

For over thirty years, MUSEC has been at the forefront in researching and developing data-based instructional and behaviour management procedures for students with disabilities and special needs.

MUSEC offers:

  1. Master of Special Education
  2. Graduate Diploma of Special Education
  3. Graduate Certificate of Behaviour Support Teaching
  4. Graduate Certificate of Learning Difficulties Support Teaching

In addition, we also offer higher research degrees at masters and doctoral level.

Special educators holding a postgraduate qualification in Special Education from MUSEC are highly regarded as pre-eminent practitioners by the educational and broader disability industry.

Our Master of Special Education prepares you for a career as a special education teacher or in related professional areas such as:

  • respite care
  • early intervention
  • disability services
  • post-school employment support

The Master of Special Education is a recognised teaching qualification in special education, though an initial teaching qualification is required to teach in schools. Postgraduate training may be recognised towards professional development requirements with the NSW Institute of Teachers. 

If you wish to be employed as a teacher in a school, you will need to have a recognised teaching qualification in addition to this course.

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