Primary education Education

Primary education Education

Helping children reach their full potential is a truly rewarding endeavour.

Primary school teachers play a critical role in assisting children develop foundation skills as well as physical and social competencies that set them up for life. Macquarie’s primary education program is University-wide, meaning you learn teaching subjects from experts in each key learning area.

Careers in primary education

Become a primary teacherBecome a primary school teacher

Discover pathways to becoming a teacher in primary schools.

Become an ESL teacherBecome an ESL (English as a second language) teacher

Teach English to students who are migrants, refugees or children from culturally diversed backgrounds.

Become a education teacherBecome a special education teacher

Help feel the gap of qualified special educators across Australia.

A special education qualification also prepares you for careers as a learning support teacher or in related professional areas including:

  • respite care
  • early intervention
  • disability services
  • post-school employment support

Professional experience

Our Participation and Community Engagement (PACE) programs provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to apply what they learn in a real classroom setting and develop teaching competency prior to graduation.

Nicola RustenNicola Rusten and Victoria Thwaites
Education students
"Teaching in the Tiwi Islands was an incredible experience, both professionally and personally. It gave me the opportunity to experience education in a unique setting and helped me to develop skills that will enhance my future teaching." Read more

Tricia Mirasol - Master of Special Education Tricia Mirasol
Macquarie’s special education and MUIS scholar
"I like that we have a practicum component for each subject and we get to experience hands-on learning by seeing how theories are practiced at different special schools across Sydney. I have made a lot of good friends from different countries and learnt about different cultures." Read more

Graduate outcomes

Martin LubranoMartin Lubrano
Head of Junior School, Barker College

"Macquarie University postgraduate courses have a great reputation in the education community. They offer flexibility in terms of delivery and a modern approach to post graduate education.

The Master of Educational Leadership offered me the opportunity to connect with highly credentialed and encouraging course presenters; experts in their field. They have challenged me to think beyond experience and look at a research based approach to leadership. I have enjoyed the online nature of the study, interacting with colleagues from around Sydney, Australia and internationally from all levels of education.

The assignments, discussions and tasks have provided an opportunity to link the theory and practice, and apply this learning back to the context of my own work environment. It has also helped me achieve a better understanding of many of the concepts of educational leadership. I have a stronger base for my own understanding about school leadership and am more confident in my ability to lead my school," says Martin Lubrano, Head of Junior School, Barker College.

Our expertise in primary education

Redesigning Australia's education

Our research supports educators to be innovators and change agents. You will collaborate with leading education researchers to design innovative learning experiences that will have significant outcomes for Australia's future.

Gain from our extensive expertise in augmented, virtual reality and technology to create inspirational learning environments. Some examples of our pre-service teachers work include:

  • designing modules of work using augmented reality to help children achieve science and history outcomes
  • using Minecraft to help children achieve Mathematics and HSIE outcomes
  • utilising 3D Printing so that their students could design environmentally sustainable houses or even new animals that were adapted to their environment.

International leader in education research

Lori LockyerEducation expert, Professor Lori Lockyer is leading educational technology research in collaboration with peers and researchers from education, neuroscience and cognitive psychology. Her research has revolutionised digital learning environments and influence the quality of teaching in schools and universities in Australia and globally. Her outstanding achievement has gain recognition in Australia and globally with Platinum Learning Impact Award by the IMS Global Learning Consortium.

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Teach in our simulated classrooms and science labs or work with emerging technologies that are pushing the boundaries of primary education.

The Macquarie University Special Education School (MUSEC) located on campus not only means you can work with children with special needs but you’ll benefit from the research .

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