Martin Lubrano - Educational leadership

Martin Lubrano - Educational leadership

Martin LubranoMartin Lubrano
Head of Junior School, Barker College

"Macquarie University postgraduate courses have a great reputation in the education community. They offer flexibility in terms of delivery and a modern approach to post graduate education.

The Master of Educational Leadership offered me the opportunity to connect with highly credentialed and encouraging course presenters; experts in their field. They have challenged me to think beyond experience and look at a research based approach to leadership. I have enjoyed the online nature of the study, interacting with colleagues from around Sydney, Australia and internationally from all levels of education.

The assignments, discussions and tasks have provided an opportunity to link the theory and practice, and apply this learning back to the context of my own work environment. It has also helped me achieve a better understanding of many of the concepts of educational leadership. I have a stronger base for my own understanding about school leadership and am more confident in my ability to lead my school," says Martin Lubrano, Head of Junior School, Barker College.

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