International leader in education research

International leader in education research

International education expert, Professor Lori Lockyer's research focuses on teacher design thinking, the design of digital learning environments,and how technology can support student learning. 

Her current research is funded by the nationally competitive Australian Research Council Discovery and Linkage Project schemes and an ARC Special Research Initiative - the Science of Learning Research Centre. Her collaboration with her peers in the SLRC including researchers from education, neuroscience and cognitive psychology enables her to take an innovative, multidisiplinary approach to investigating learning. 

Professor Lockyer's research has demonstrated that online learning can support deep engagement and positive learning outcomes for students.  This is important as we increasingly use online and other digital technologies for teaching and learning activities. 

Her research also identifies the many factors that influence a teacher's design thinking. This work is important to inform strategies to support high quality teaching in school and university environments.

Her work in design of learning environments and research of student learning with technology has been recognised in Australia through a national citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning in 2011 for commitment to technology-enhanced communication, collaboration and community building that facilitates effective learning, supports quality teaching and leads to educational change.  Internationally it has been recognised by a Platinum Learning Impact Award by the IMS Global Learning Consortium.

Her teaching in the initial teacher education program and the postgraduate program focuses on designing high quality teaching and learning experiences.

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