International business Business

International business Business

Globalisation has changed the face of business forever. As a result, individuals who understand the complexities of conducting business on a global scale are in demand.

Macquarie’s international business program will equip you with the skills and knowledge you’ll need to make your mark in this intricate and exciting field.

Graduate outcomes

Katie Barter

Katie Barter

Master of Commerce with an International Business major

The course provides excellent structure, enabling students to understand big business strategy from a detailed viewpoint. This is perfect if you wish to build a career in consulting, or aspire towards an upper management position. The degree also allows enough flexibility in order to specialise in specific areas of business or other subjects. For example, I specialised in Marketing and Sociology. Studying Sociology gave me something different to what many people get out of a Business degree, encouraging me to question the conventions upon which we base our everyday lives.

I would recommend the International Business major to anyone who wants more from a Business degree, because it takes the boring out of Business.

Career Opportunities

  • business analyst
  • business development officer
  • communications manager
  • human development adviser
  • import/export manager
  • international licensing/franchising manager
  • international marketing manager
  • international political adviser
  • international relations manager
  • international trade adviser
  • joint venture project manager
  • management consultant
  • office manager
  • operations analyst
  • policy consultant

With a degree related to international business and the multitude of different career options open to you, you can expect a competitive salary ranging from $55,000 (entry-level position) to easily over $90,000 per year.

"At Macquarie, you don't just get a degree, but you gain experience and exposure that helps you put that degree into practice. Programs such as Global Leadership Program and Professional and Community Engagement are what separate Macquarie from other universities. They have given me the opportunity to work on projects and travel to places that I never would have thought my degree could take me." – Luke Dominish

PACE provides opportunities for international business students to develop commercial business knowledge within a global context. By engaging with a number of multinational organisations students apply knowledge gained in their disciplinary areas to take their career around the world.

No matter what you decide to study at Macquarie, PACE has an opportunity available for you. Learn more about the opportunities available through PACE.

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