Finance Business

Finance Business

On the back of the global financial crisis, finance has never been hotter.

With the skills you’ll gain in Macquarie’s finance programs – the ability to help organisations create value, invest wisely and control risk – you’ll find yourself in demand across the globe.


We've partnered closely with key finance institutes and associations to make sure you graduate ready to be an finance professional.

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Graduate outcomes

Bhavik Jeena

Bhavik Dinesh Jeena

Bachelor of Applied Finance with the degree of Bachelor of Commerce - Professional Accounting

"My time at Macquarie has been truly memorable and a highly rewarding experience as I quickly learnt from day one that learning means much more than just reading through a textbook."

"At the heart of the university's culture, it is about applying yourself, realising what you are good at, pursuing that dream, and aspiring to bring out your greatest potential, in both work and play."

"Macquarie University's approach allowed me to build a strong foundation and develop on key traits that can be applied in any future life endeavour."

Bhavik Jeena graduated in 2009 and is currently working as Senior Analyst within Deloitte Australia's Corporate Finance team, specialising in mergers and acquisitions advisory. Prior to this role, Bhavik worked several years at Macquarie Group as Credit Analyst within their Financial Institutions team.

Our graduates have gone on to senior positions within banking, corporate finance, stockbroking, investment management, venture capital, project finance and risk management firms in Australia and overseas, enjoying salaries that can easily reach greater than $150,000. The median starting salary for an entry-level position in the finance sector is approximately $55,000.

Career opportunities:

  • corporate finance
  • credit risk assessment
  • entry-level positions at financial institutions
  • financial analyst for accounting and consultancy firms
  • financial economist
  • insurance superannuation
  • investment analyst
  • management consultant
  • market analyst
  • planning/policy analyst
  • public administrator
  • researcher
  • risk management
  • statistician
  • stockbroker
  • stockbroking and investment advising
  • wealth management and financial advising

"My PACE internship taught me the financial planning process, where advice is tailored to individual clients to help them achieve their financial goals and prepare them for retirement. I cannot recommend the PACE program enough as I never thought I would have the opportunity to put all my soft and technical skills into practice." – David Quan

Through PACE, Macquarie University finance students have the unique opportunity to learn from leading financial practitioners working in equity research, financial planning, property development, investment banking and venture capital to name a few areas. Through PACE you can gain a unique understanding of how theory and practice mesh in the real-world of financial markets.

PACE provides opportunities for undergraduate students at Macquarie University to gain practical experience by working with industry partners on mutually beneficial projects. No matter what you decide to study at Macquarie, PACE has an opportunity available for you.

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