Accounting Business

Accounting Business

Accounting is often referred to as the language of business. Understanding this language means accountants are key contributors to a business’ success.

Macquarie’s accounting courses enable you to meet the requirements for professional accreditation in accounting and apply your knowledge in any number of dynamic industries.

  • accountant
  • auditor
  • business analyst
  • Chartered accountant
  • consulting firm manager
  • CPA
  • financial institution manager
  • forensic accountant
  • government policy planner/analyst
  • merchant banker
  • risk manager
  • stockbroker
  • superannuation adviser

Your salary in the Accounting and Corporate Governance fields can vary greatly, based on your position. In an entry level position, such as an accounting clerk, you can make an average salary of $40 - $50,000 a year. Moving up to management and beyond, you can easily make $100,000 or more a year.

Le Ma

"Looking back on the two years study in Macquarie, I must say that Macquarie not only equipped me with the necessary knowledge and skills that I need to develop a career as an accountant, but also help me grow up to be a mature, responsible and confident adult.

The most fantastic thing I found about MQ is its well-designed course structure. The clear objectives of each units gave me a good understanding about what I was expected to achieve and master at the end. The different levels of units begin from the very basic business knowledge and end up with some really sophisticated hot topics discussed in contemporary accounting profession. This definitely helped me gain some insights about every aspect of the accounting industry and how they were all linked together. Here, I learnt the most advanced knowledge and techniques from the highly competent lecturers and tutors. They were willing to provide help with your study and were always there to answer your questions. Besides, the concept of ‘self-learning’ can never be overly emphasized in MQ. Students are expected to be self-disciplined and schedule their studies themselves, from which I learned self-control, a vital personal quality required in university and also in workplace.

In addition to the fantastic study life I experienced in MQ, the exciting extra-curriculum life on campus was also unforgettable. I had the opportunities to join all kinds of campus societies to make new friends with different cultural background, participate in various interesting events, and simply enjoy life! All these extracurricular activities helped develop my personal skills and more importantly, broaden my views about the society and the world, giving me a sense of responsibility for the community.

I am proud of myself as a graduate from Macquarie University and also feel very grateful for the excellent study opportunities I was provided with. I believe that the solid knowledge foundation would give me a competitive advantage in the workforce and I will keep pursuing my dreams with the spirits of Macquarie."

Connect with your future career through PACE

At Macquarie, learning doesn't just happen in the classroom. With PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) you can gain real-world experience and get ahead in the career queue.

PACE provides opportunities for undergraduate students at Macquarie University to gain practical experience by working with industry partners on mutually beneficial projects. No matter what you decide to study, PACE has an opportunity available for you. Learn more about the opportunities available through PACE.

"Through PACE I've been able to build many skills including team skills, communications skills, interpersonal skills and especially leadership skills. I've been able to put together everything I have learnt over the past few sessions at university and apply that to industry standards." – Adem Kozar

By connecting students with industry partners, the Macquarie University Accounting PACE unit enables students to work on projects that address the current challenges within the accounting industry and translate their years of theory based learning into practical reality.

Learn more about the opportunities available for you through PACE.

The Co-op program is available from 2019 with the new combined Bachelor of Commerce-Professional Accounting with the degree of Bachelor of Professional Practice. In this highly competitive course, you will alternate between classroom studies and workplace experience in the form of three industry placements of three to six months each throughout your course. You will develop professional skills and networks across different workplace settings and use your practical experiences in the classroom. Further questions? Read the FAQ's here.

Please note that the Co-operative Education program is currently available to domestic students only.

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