As a graduate in the business field, you’ll be sought after by leading companies and NGOs across Australia and around the world. That’s because Macquarie University equips you with the skills that employers want.

Our interdisciplinary approach gives you the chance to combine courses and get more hands-on experience through internships with some of Australia’s best companies. We offer flexibility so you can choose to generalise or specialise in an area that interests you – be it business, economics, commerce, accounting, finance, actuarial studies, analytics, marketing, management, entrepreneurship or human resources.

  • Accounting

    Accounting is often referred to as the language of business. Understanding this language means accountants are key contributors to a business’ success.

  • Actuarial studies

    Because they help financial institutions analyse and manage risk, actuaries are key to helping businesses all over the world to prosper.

  • Business administration

    The best business administrators are equally talented at managing numbers as they are people.

  • Business analysis

    Big data has become big business, and those with the ability to extract value from these data sources are in demand across the globe.

  • Commerce

    In today’s fast-moving and complex business environment, a comprehensive understanding of all business functions, in combination with a set of practical skills, will enable you to succeed as an in-demand business professional.

  • Economics

    Economic issues are inherent in our everyday lives. Macquarie’s economics courses provide you with a sound understanding of today’s complex economics environment.

  • Finance

    On the back of the global financial crisis, finance has never been hotter.

  • Human resources

    Managing people effectively is essential if organisations are to establish and maintain a competitive advantage in dynamic environments.

  • International business

    Globalisation has changed the face of business forever. As a result, individuals who understand the complexities of conducting business on a global scale are in demand.

  • Management

    In order to keep pace with rapid change, companies need pioneering leaders and managers who are agile, motivated and resilient, and who inspire greatness.

  • Marketing

    Digital media has a profound influence on the marketing landscape. Macquarie’s marketing program offers a unique blend of marketing strategy, brand management and digital production, which will set you apart in the job market.

  • BE Successful

    Join our connected learning community. We offer a range of programs and opportunities to assist you in becoming a successful business professional.

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