Student Services and Amenities Fee

Student Services and Amenities Fee

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2017/2018 SSAF Information

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) is payable to the University by students in compliance with the Australian Government Legislation passed in November 2011 (Higher Education Legislation Amendment (Student Services and Amenities) Act 2011 (Cth). This fee contributes towards the funding for student services, support and facilities of a non-academic nature and of benefit to all students.

How much are the fees?

per session

per session

Standard sessions (session 1 and session 2)


Full time study load per session (this includes students taking a mix of distance and internal units)



Part time study load per session



MUIC Diploma (domestic students only)


Full time study load per term



Part time study load per term



How will the fee be charged?

If the SSAF fee applies to you, it will be loaded into your account the day after you enrol in individual units. The SSAF is based on how many units you enrol into.

To find out more about the SSAF being added to your account, please check your account in eStudent > My Finances

If you change your full/part-time study load after the SSAF is calculated, an adjustment will be made to the initial fee charged. The final SSAF fee you are liable for is based on your unit enrolments as from the relevant study period census date.

Both up-front payments and deferral submissions to SA-HELP must be made by the relevant due dates.

Key dates for advice and payment

The University advises you of your specific Payment Due date from your eStudent account (>My Finances menu) the day after you enrol in each unit.

You may also get email reminders from time to time sent to your Official Student Email account. You are reminded to check this email a few times a week to ensure you receive any communications from the University.

What happens if this fee is not paid by the payment due date?

Students must pay the SSAF by the relevant payment due date each session in order to avoid sanctions on their student account. Students with sanctions will be prevented from:

  • re-enrolling into new units
  • accessing exam results
  • graduating
  • accessing academic transcripts

How can I pay the SSAF?

Students can choose to pay upfront to the University or defer their fees to a SA-HELP loan with the Australian Taxation Office (if eligible).

If you wish to pay upfront to the University using EPAY (online payment option) please select the following link from the left hand menu in the "My Finances" tab in eStudent and proceed with payment. 

For all other payment methods, please visit the Financial services website for more information.

Eligible students may also choose to defer this fee.

Can I defer payment?

Australian citizens, eligible New Zealand Special category Visa holders or Permanent Residents (Humanitarian Visa Holders only) who do not wish to pay the fee upfront to the University can defer the fee through SA-HELP assistance to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

To defer the SSAF, eligible students must complete a separate 'Request for SA-HELP Assistance' form by the relevant census date.

A HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP form does not cover the deferral of the SSAF.

To lodge a SA-HELP eCAF please:

  1. Log in to eStudent
  2. Click on the 'My Offer' or 'My Finances' tab
  3. Click on the 'Submit new Commonwealth Assistance Form' link
  4. Choose the course you are currently "Admitted" to.
  5. Select "Add New" for SA-HELP and complete
  6. Once submitted, the next screen should be a confirmation one. If the form status says   'Approved' automatically, you have completed the form correctly. If not, please attempt to complete the form once again.

The SA-HELP form covers a student for the length of their admitted course, and the form need only be submitted once for each course, to defer the SSAF. If the student changes courses a new SA-HELP form will need to be submitted by the relevant census date.

Instructions on completing the SA-HELP form through eStudent.

Who pays the Student Services and Amenities Fee?

In deciding who is charged the Student Amenities Fee, the University takes the following into account:

  • The fee only be charged to students who have access to the full range of services provided at Macquarie's North Ryde campus.
  • International, Non-Award, MGSM and Applied Finance Centre students should not be charged this additional fee since they pay market rate tuition fees, rather than at the student contribution rate for Commonwealth Supported Places.
  • Higher Degree Research students will be exempt as most domestic Higher Degree Research students are on scholarships.
  • The fee will not be charged for Session 3 enrolments, since over 85% of students enrolling in Session 3 units are full-time from the previous Session 1 and/or Session 2.  Hence most of these students will have already paid the maximum annual Student Services and Amenities Fee for the year in Session 1 and Session 2.

The table below outlines who is required to pay the fee.


2017 Fees

2018 Fees

Full-time undergraduate domestic students

$147 per half-year

$149 per half-year

Part-time Undergraduate domestic students

$80 per half-year

$81 per half year

Full-time postgraduate domestic students

$147 per half-year

$149 per half-year

Part-time postgraduate domestic students



MUIC Diploma domestic students – Full-time


$42.50 per term

MUIC Diploma domestic students – Part-time

$22 per term

$23 per term

International Award students



Fully external students



All full-time internal non-award students



All part-time internal non-award students



Offshore, ICMS, City Campus & Open Universities Australia students



Cross Institutional students



MGSM & Applied Finance Centre students



Higher Degree Research students



Gifted and Talented Program



HSC-University Pathway for Talented Students



What are the funds used for?

The revenue generated from the Student Services and Amenities Fee helps Macquarie provide a range of services and facilities for students. For Macquarie University students, this includes:

  • Campus wellbeing and support services
  • Support clubs and societies
  • Sport and recreation
  • Caring for children
  • Accommodation services
  • Food and beverage operations on campus
  • Advocating students' interests.

The Student Representative Committee has an important role in discussing funding priorities for the Student Amenities Fee revenue with the University, and setting future directions and funding priorities.

Money that was previously allocated to student services and amenities, which is now covered by the Student Amenities Fee, is now being used for learning and teaching activities in the Faculties.

Can I be given a refund for the SSAF?

Students who withdraw from a unit(s) after the census date, will still remain liable for the Student Services and Amenities Fee. This applies even if a refund has been given for withdrawal due to special circumstances.

If you wish to have this fee refunded, please withdraw from the unit(s) vie eStudent by the relevant session census date.

Student consultation and feedback

Legislation governing the Student Services and Amenities Fee requires the University to consult with students on how the revenue from the fee is spent. At Macquarie University, the Student Representative Committee has been established to work with the University on the expenditure of the fee revenue, as well as other strategic matters affecting students.

Further information on the Student Services & Amenities Fee can be found on the Australian Government Study Assist website.

For any enquiries, contact us at

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