Nested Research Training

Nested Research Training

Commonwealth supported places are available for domestic students enrolled in the Bachelor of Philosophy/Master of Research (BPhil/MRes) in their first year.

If you are a Commonwealth supported student you will be charged the 2016 student contribution amount for your 2016 unit enrolments according to the subject area of the unit.

At Macquarie, the standard full time load for the first year of the BPhil/MRes is 32 credit points. This is equal to 1 EFTSL (Effective Full-time Student Load) and is used to calculate student contribution for a unit.

In the second year, domestic students will be funded by the Australian Government under the Research Training Program and there will be no separate tuition fee charged.

How much does a unit of study cost?

Step 1

Check the Course Handbook and take a note of:

  • The Unit Code
  • The Credit Point value of the unit

Step 2

Look up the Student Contribution Band for the unit you are interested in.

Step 3

Look up the Annual Student Contribution Amount for the Student Contribution Band

Step 4

The cost of a unit based upon the most common credit point values are shown here.

You can also use your calculator to work it out as follows:

Unit Cost = (Credit points ÷ 32) × Annual Contribution Amount

As a Commonwealth supported student, you may be eligible to receive a discount if you pay all or part (minimum $500 per census date) of your student contribution amount up-front to the University before the relevant census date.

The discount is calculated on the total amount you pay, not the full cost of the unit.


The example below is rounded to the nearest dollar.

You commence your Master of Research in 2016.  Your unit choices are mainly in the area of Physics.  The contribution bands for the units you choose are from both Band 1 and Band 2.

Each unit has a credit point value of 4.

Your program for the year will have a total of 32 credit points.

You would calculate your contribution amount for each unit using the following formula:

Unit Band annual student’s maximum contribution amount (per EFTSL) × credit points ÷ standard annual load = Student Contribution

Unit Band Annual Student Contribution × Credit points ÷ Standard Annual Load Student Contribution
MRES700 1 $6,256   × 4 ÷ 32 $782
PHYS700 2 $8,917   × 4 ÷ 32 $1,114
PHYS701 2 $8,917   × 4 ÷ 32 $1,114
PHYS702 2 $8,917   × 4 ÷ 32 $1,114
PHYS703 2 $8,917   × 4 ÷ 32 $1,114
PHYS704 2 $8,917   × 4 ÷ 32 $1,114
PHYS714 2 $8,917   × 4 ÷ 32 $1,114
STAT704 2 $8,917   × 4 ÷ 32 $1,114
Total     32    $8,580

Standard Annual Load = 32 credit points

The cost of a unit is based upon

  • the standard annual load
  • the credit point value of the unit
  • the student contribution band
Credit Points EFTSL Band 1 Band 2 Band 3
4.0 0.1250 $782 $1,114 $1,305
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