2016 Macquarie University Fees

2016 Macquarie University Fees

2016 Macquarie University Fees

All students studying a higher education program (undergraduate, honours, graduate certificates, graduate diploma, postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma, master or doctorate, Non-Award, cross-institutional) at Macquarie are required to pay something towards the cost of their course.

How much you pay will depend upon what kind of place you hold.

The study period census date for a unit is the last date that you can withdraw from a unit without incurring a financial liability for that unit.

  • Domestic undergraduates

    As a domestic undergraduate student, you need to consider the following costs of studying at university: course fees, Student Services and Amenities Fee, and other costs such as textbooks, transport and living expenses.

  • Domestic postgraduates

    Tuition fees are calculated according to your enrolled workload (ie. the number of credit points in which you are enrolled, not the number of credit points you successfully complete). Fees are charged depending on which of the groups you belong to.

  • International students

    Calculate your estimated tuition fees by using our course finder, which lists our undergraduate and postgraduate courses. We will give you an indication of the cost based on a full-time subject load in the first year of your course.

  • Research student fees

    Fees and costs for your research studies vary depending on whether you are a domestic or international student.

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