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At Macquarie, we treat you as an individual and recognise that your path to uni is as unique as you are. So, if you’re worried that you might not meet the criteria for your preferred course, relax – our pathways will make your uni dream a reality and our Macquarie Entry navigator will make it easy to find the right one for you.

Our two primary pathways – through Macquarie University International College and the Next Step program – will not only see you studying on campus straight away, but also having access to the full suite of student services, support and facilities enjoyed by other Macquarie students.

They both support your transition to uni, prepare you for direct entry into a range of our courses, and also give you credit towards your future course. 

But which pathway is right for you?

Bridge the gap between school and uni

When you study at Macquarie University International College, you can complete one of four diplomas, then continue straight into the second year of a bachelor course.

You’ll study in small classes, which ensures you get personalised support from our highly qualified and experienced teachers.

The College is a great choice if you want to study in a nurturing environment as you’ll receive regular feedback on your progress so you stay on track. You’ll also be a Commonwealth Supported student, meaning you’ll pay a fee similar to that of bachelor course students.

The facts

Who you are

You’ve completed the HSC or interstate equivalent with a minimum ATAR of 60 or equivalent.

What you can study

Bachelor course options

Upon successful completion of your diploma you are guaranteed a place in the second year of a selected range of Macquarie courses, provided you meet the entry criteria.

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Get credit towards your degree

If you don’t have the required ATAR or qualifications for entry into a bachelor course, Next Step lets you study a range of first-year units and, upon successful completion, have those units credited towards your chosen course so you won’t lose any time.

You’ll be on campus studying alongside bachelor course students, and on successful completion of your studies, you’ll secure your place in one of 18 Macquarie courses.

Next Step is a great choice if you want to undertake a university course but you want to ease into it by studying part-time to start with.

The facts

Who you are

  • You’ve completed the HSC or interstate equivalent but you haven’t achieved the required results for entry into your preferred Macquarie course.
  • You’re a non-school applicant without the necessary qualifications (HSC) for direct entry into a bachelor course.

What you can study

12 credit points (four units) from a wide variety of first-year units.

Course options

Upon successful completion you are eligible for entry into one of 18 Macquarie courses, provided you meet the entry criteria.

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