Hearing Awareness Week

Hearing Awareness Week

This Hearing Awareness Week we’re helping Australians prepare for the future by educating them about how to take control of their hearing health.

How loud, how long, how often?

One of the main causes of hearing loss is cumulative noise exposure. This means that over time, things like listening to loud music can take a toll on your hearing.

The good news is that a study led by experts at the National Acoustic Laboratories within the Australian Hearing Hub has identified three simple ways to protect your hearing when using personal listening devices:

  • Keep the volume under 80 per cent of the full volume.
  • Limit your listening time to 1.5 hours a day.
  • Invest in good-quality, well-fitting, noise-cancelling headphones.

Other ways to look after your hearing health today

Get to know your ears by getting regular hearing checks or try this simple online test.

Find out what might be putting your ears at risk with the noise risk calculator.

‘What Plug’?

For those who enjoy live music, the Hearing CRC, one of Macquarie University’s Australian Hearing Hub members, has teamed up with Choice to review more than 20 different filtered or ‘high fidelity’ earplugs. The team measured how much sound reduction is provided by each plug, and also looked at other features such as how the earplugs affected the music, how comfortable they were, and how they looked. The rating system created as a result can help consumers safely choose filtered earplugs. View the full list of plugs.

Remember, protect your ears and they will last for years!

Want to know more about hearing?

An initiative of Macquarie University, the Australian Hearing Hub brings together expertise from linguistics, audiology, psychology, nanofabrication and engineering to improve communication over the life span.

Learn more about where studying speech and hearing at Macquarie can take you.

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