Hearing Awareness Week

Hearing Awareness Week

Noise exposure accounts for 40 per cent of hearing loss in Australia, making it the nation’s leading cause of hearing impairment.

This week is Hearing Awareness Week: a week aimed at educating Australians about the dangers of hearing loss. One of the main culprits behind hearing loss is cumulative noise exposure, meaning that all of those loud gigs and bars you frequent as a young adult add up to take a toll on your hearing health. So while in the short term you may not notice anything, similar to skin cancer, years of overexposure can have serious consequences.

Hearing impairment is a growing issue globally.  That is why members of the Australian Hearing Hub are collaborating to improve the lives of people with hearing loss and communication disorders.

An initiative of Macquarie University, the Australian Hearing Hub brings together expertise across fields as diverse as linguistics, audiology, psychology, nanofabrication and engineering to collaborate on world-leading research and clinical programs – and to find solutions to the growing problem of hearing loss.

What can you do today?

The Australian Hearing Hub offers an array of hearing health options. Getting regular hearing checks is a great way to ensure that any form of hidden hearing loss is picked up early. You can measure your hearing health using a few simple online tools.

Assess your risk: the noise risk calculator looks at your leisure and work activities and estimates your risk of hearing damage from noise exposure.

Take a quick test: if you think you might have hearing damage, try this hearing test.

As part of Hearing Awareness Week, Macquarie University is also offering a special package to get your hearing health checked. So if you think you have some form of hearing loss, why not make a booking at MQ Health Speech and Hearing Clinic located within the Australian Hearing Hub on campus and take advantage of our special Hearing Awareness Week package?

*To qualify for the package your booking has to be made during Hearing Awareness Week

Study speech and hearing at Macquarie

If you would like to help improve the lives of people with hearing loss then why not consider a career in speech and hearing? Macquarie University is renowned for its teaching and research excellence in speech and hearing sciences, enriched by the unrivalled learning opportunities provided by the Australian Hearing Hub that give Macquarie students the unique opportunity to work alongside industry experts.

Learn more about where studying speech and hearing at Macquarie can take you.

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