Get the most from LinkedIn

Get the most from LinkedIn

If you're not yet among the 5 million Australians who maintain a presence on LinkedIn, you might be missing out on key opportunities to grow your career - and we're not just talking about getting a new job. Here are three things to keep in mind when updating or creating your profile that will help you get ahead.

1. Update your photo

Profiles with a photo get viewed 14 times more often than those without. You don't want just any snapshot, though. If your profile photo includes alcohol, inappropriate clothing or bad focus, ditch it in favour of a professional shot. You want someone to be able to recognise you from your LinkedIn profile - and of course see you as a trustworthy individual.

2. Focus on your expertise

Your LinkedIn profile is not the same thing as your CV or résumé. When listing your current and previous experience, call attention to the skills that have helped you do well in those roles as well as the function of the company itself, rather than a blow-by-blow description of your responsibilities.

3. Use content to your advantage

The LinkedIn newsfeed has evolved in recent years, including posts by those in your network as well as articles related to your interest from the Pulse. By following, liking, commenting on and sharing this content, you can become part of the conversations that matter to your industry. This can not only increase your relevance in your field, but it can put you in front of connections you might not have interacted with in a while, reminding them of your skills and insights.

If you invest just ten minutes of your time each day to your LinkedIn profile, you can increase your network, remain top of mind for your connections and create new opportunities you didn't even know existed. And all this without leaving your desk.

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